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I deleted what I thought was a duplicate My Documents file from my Seagate External Hard Drive.  After spending too many exhausting hours deleting duplicates, I emptied the Trash bin.  Only after doing so did I discover that only the album names were still in the My Pictures folders.  The 1000's of jpeg files were no longer there.  On an iMac, is there a way to recapture files once they are delted from Trash?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Do you have Time Machine enabled?   Have you looked at the iPhoto rebuild option?

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    No, Time Machine was not enabled.  Would iPhoto rebuild work if the photos were never imported into iPhoto?

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    Shame about no Time Machine.   As far as I know, iPhoto rebuild is only good for photos that have been previously imported into iPhoto.     But it's amazing where photos turn up.   Have you looked in the 'search all documents and search all images' elements in the desktop window side bar.   Mine are full of photos, some of which I have no idea of how they got there. 


    I don't have Lion so I am not sure if the 'My documents' folder is the same one as I mention above.


    If you are unsuccessful with this thread, it may be worth re-writing it and posting it in the LION part of Mac OS systems and Software.  There you will link with people with a particular leaning towards Lion.


    Good luck.

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    Thanks for the acknowledgement.    Do tell us what progress you made in due course.