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i lost my iphone... if somebody use it my i phone with different apple ID, Do apple company can determine the apple ID used on my iphone serial number?? If i gave my serial number, can it retrieve the apple ID user???

iPhone 4, iOS 6.1
  • Oshun9 Level 2 (470 points)

    No! Apple is not law enforcement and therefore does not have personal investigating lost or stolen property other than Apple's own.


    Even if they had the information data protection laws would prevent them from giving it to you or anybody else including law enforcement.

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    oshun... i had here the box of my i phone with my serial number... this perhaps can prove that im the real owner of this phone

  • Oshun9 Level 2 (470 points)

    It is not Apple's job to investigate crimes and thus there is nobody, who does this. Even if they did, they woud not be allowed to give you any information. Letigimate owner or not. If you need law enforcement contact law enforcement not Apple.