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I am trying to restore deleted safari history from time machine . I have gone into time machine selected the date to restore from clicked restore and replace when prompted but still nothing comes up when I go into safari history , just my recent undeleted history. Do I need to restart computer after this restore ?  am i missing something out?  Its an I mac with snow leapard os.

iMac, snow leopard o/s
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    Well. I would suggest going back in Time Machine to a different date, and, there, "Restore" the "History.plist" file version shown in the image below:



    Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 4.53.26 AM.png

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    thanks , i can get this far but cant understand the plist report as shown in your screen shot , should the history be restored to the safari history screen ? is there a better way to view this plist report that makes sense it just gives a sequence of numbers and websites no dates viewed.

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    In Time Machine, in the Finder window that shows up, navigate in the window's clolumns so that the shown above line in the right hand column reading "History.plist" is highlighted (selected).  Then, select the "Date" in the past that you want to restore to that still contained your Safari History that you want. (The "Date" of the previous backups are displayed on the right side of the screen in a column that show when you pass the cursor over them.  Click on the Date you want to Restore from.) Now, select the "Restore" button  at the bottom of the Time Machine screen.  That should do it.  Close Time Machine.


    Note: in Time Machine, the "History"entries for previous backups of Safari are Not directly readable by the User, as you you discovered.  When you Restore and then close Time Machine, the old History entries should be available and readable within the Safari app.

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    thanks , I will have another look at it tonight when i get home from work. I was selecting a date from previous back ups that show up in time machine (always a sunday date) . I will try following the steps you have listed , could you post any screen shots ?  : )

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    I found the process worked better if I opened "Finder" BEFORE I opened Time Machine, and navigated to the "History.plist" file shown above; and THEN opened Time Machine and the same file was still selected.


    I tried to include my Time Machine screenshot, but this Forum announced the file was too big to post.

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    Hello Again, I did as you said as above , opended finder, highlighted history plist , opened time machine selected date clicked restore at the bottom of screen it told me the files were already located there and do i want to replace which i did . The history plist came up as a preview screen (tried a few different dates so i know it is a different history coming up each time) but still when i then open safari desktop icon and click on history it is not there , still my recent history. Could it be locating somewhere else? do i need to do something else to transfer it to the usual safari history screen? .  thanks

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    I've had another thought on the matter, after further reflection.  In Safari, click on the word "Safari" in the upper left hand corner of the screen (on the Menu Bar), and click on "Preferences">then click on the "General" tab. Look in the lower part of the window and read what is listed in the line "Remove History Items:".  If it says anything other than "Manually", then that means that your History files have been automatically deleting themselves and so would not be available after the period listed, if it is say "One Day".



    Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 5.13.54 AM.png


    Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 5.22.43 AM.png


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    Hey! I've been trying to recover my deleted browser history too, and found this page. Did everything as mentioned above, but still no result? :/

    Also, can you help out with recovering deleted history for Google chrome? Because it did not appear in the library folder, and no histroy.plist file either. I tried restoring the entire application, but the history did not recover

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    Everyone is so close! There are 3 history files that need to be restored... They're all called "history  - something or other" All's you got to do is restore all 3 files and you're good!! lol heres a screeny:  Good Luck!!

    : Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 2.22.28 PM.png