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I was just wondering if anyone knew if the iMac will be coming out with retina display soon? I am assuming it will... Since my macbook is officially outdated, I am intersted in upgrading soonish. I was also wondering about using retina display for Web and Software Development, as well as Graphic Design and Photography. I saw on a forum that some Web Designers are getting a tad frusterated with it, and wondered about the specifics. I've heard it is great for everything else, and can definitely see why, but I am interested to hear about how interface design is doing with the miniture-pixels.





Solved by Radiation Mac on Apr 10, 2013 5:59 AM Solved

Apple NEVER preannounces what features will be included in not-yet-released products.  And under the Terms of Use for these Forums, we are not allowed to speculate as Users helping each other here.