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    1. Double-click the Home button to see all Inactive Apps

    2. Swipe the app preview card (not the icon) up and off the screen

  • nevasha Level 1 Level 1

    Cool thats exactly what I was looking for.

  • Dirty Vegas Level 4 Level 4

    nevasha wrote:


    Alas knowing this does not change the experince that I have had, which is to say my battery charge last longer if fewest possible apps if any are running in the background. Sure they may not be running but this does not mean they are not using up power, as what ever state the app in is being preserved, paged, memory etc. are in use and that doesn't come free.


    So coming back to the original question in iOS 7 how does one terminate apps that are in the background?


    Prior to iOS7 I could do the following an dthis worked just fine.


    1. Double-click the Home button to see all Inactive Apps


    2. Hold the Apps down for a second or two until you see the minus sign


    3. Tap the minus sign to close App

    Your understanding of iOS 6 was incorrect in this regard.  The quoted post contains common misconceptions.  Battery life and processor (data) useage was not in multitasking but in settings.  Apps closed in multitasking could still be using precious resources after being closed in multitasking.  This was the reality in iOS 6 and is still true in iOS 7. 


    To limit the use of resources, the culprits need to be shut down in {Settings > Notification Center} and {Settings > General > Background App Refresh} 

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    I have ready the various links and actually read through this entire thread and I think the answer is still somewhat unclear. Let me see if I can summarize:


    - iOS does a great job at managing apps that have been suspended so the user doesnt have to close apps in the 'recent applications' list MOST OF THE TIME.

    - If you double click the home button the 'recent applications' list is not a list of apps that are in the background draining your battery MOST OF THE TIME

    - If you double click the home button and start swiping apps up to remove them from your list of recently used apps you are not actually gaining anything by doing that MOST OF THE TIME


    Aside from arguing the fact that Windows people may have a slightly different paradigm and that Apple likes to be radical and revolutionary, the absolute nature of some of these answers don't accomodate for the fact that this is MOSTLY true MOST OF THE TIME.


    If you read the SPEIRS he specifically states:


    "Five classes of apps - audio, GPS, VOIP, Newsstand and accessory apps - and some built-in apps such as Mail may run indefinitely in the background until they complete their task."


    For some types of apps, completing their task is never. Take MOVES for example - it tracks your exercise activity over the day and is constantly updating its location until you run out of juice. Same thing for many location based apps that offer you deals (foursquare, amazon local) and track your various events (saga, timehop). Social location based apps like Sonar, Banjo, and Google Latitude also like to ping your location.


    Correct me if I am wrong, but if you launch and tap out of those apps they will continue to update if they are enabled in background app refresh. (I'm still unclear if removing a GPS dependent app from background app refresh will actually keep it from using GPS when in background). If that is the case, then manually killing apps in the 'recent applications' list makes perfect sense and the OP question about finding an app that does that automatically is not based on a misundertanding of iOS funcitonality.


    While they may not be using MEMORY or part of your DATA plan, sometimes iOS apps running in background drain your battery and the only way of stopping them is to kill them manually OR, as the OP was hoping,  to find some app that does so on a schedule or based on some trigger. While iOS may be fantastic at recycling memory should it need it, it will allow certain iOS apps in the 'recent applications' list to continually discharge the battery in persuit of their task.

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    The vast majority of apps DO NOT run in the background and are put to sleep when exited with the home button.  Only those designed as such do, i.e. Music, GPS, etc.

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