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So I did something completed stupid, and now have a big problem.


I accidentally deleted /var folder and emptied the trash!!

Now my MBP is stuck at the grey start up screen with the apple & spinng wheel and won't start up..


The weird thing is, now when I enter recovery utilities, everything displays fine except I cannot click anything! The mouse pointer moves but won't respond to clicks! Same with the return on keyboard. Arrow keys work to move among 4 options on os x utilities (time machine/ reinstall/ online help/ disk utility) but when I hit enter, no response! The trackpad & return key works fine up until the point where the mbp asks which language to run the recovery utilities.


All my data is backed up online, and now I just want to reinstall os x and start using my mbp again!

I tried reinstall with an installation disc by holding down 'c' on start, then I hear the installation dvd spinning for 3 seconds, then it would start ticking and won't do anything else for a few minutes until I force shutdown.


Please!!! Can anyone help me?? How can I reinstall os x??  I would really appreciate!!


Thank you Thank you Thank you in advance.




MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)