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I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find the installer for the Transporter for validation of epubs?  I checked my iTunes connect and only the iTunes Producer is available there.



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    I have never heard of Transporter having any connection to epubs or the iBookstore.  It is a command line delivery tool for Apps.  Ask in the Developer forums or google transporter 1.7.6.



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    Thanks, I too haven't head of the "Transporter" for epubs but in the "iBookstore Asset Guide 5.1" it is referenced under the "Book Validation" which is why I'm looking for a copy since it might help speed up the "epub validation" while building the epub instead of using the iTunes Producer after you've finished the epub. 


    See below screenshot from the "iBookstore Asset Guide 5.1".  If it's for APPS delivery someone should correct the guide



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    I've never heard of anyone using anything other than iTunes Producer for the iBookstore.


    Did you google for transporter as I suggested?  If you do you should find where to find it.

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    iTMSTransporter is the command-line delivery tool and it is my understanding that it does work with ITMSP packages containing EPUBs for the iBookstore.


    The Mac version of iTMSTransporter is available here:



    Does anyone have a link to the Windows version of iTMSTransporter? We have hundreds of books to upload and the Windows version would really help with automating the process.

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    Transporter is available through iTunes Connect in the "Deliver Your Content" section. There is a button next to the header "Transporter" (most current version) that will allow you to download the installer for OS X, Win OS, Linux, or Solaris. Once you have installed the application I suggest downloading the Transporter user guide which will explain how to run Transporter in "validate raw assets" mode. This will validate epub files and provide a log of any problems. The windows command for this is:

    "iTMSTransporter -u {USER NAME} -p {PASSWORD} -m validateRawAssets -assetFolder {PATH TO EPUB}" - you should open a command window or reference the directory where the iTMSTransporter.CMD file is located.

    For mac, open a terminal window and enter:

    /usr/local/itms/bin/iTMSTransporter -u {USER NAME} -p {PASSWORD} -m {validateRawAssets} -assetFolder {PATH TO EPUB}


    You must have a valid publisher user name and password to run this command. An example can be found in the current Transporter 1.7.8 user guide on page 277.

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    Can you confirm whether this app allows you to upload a book to the iBookstore from a Windows machine?

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    Do u have itmstransporter for windows.  if you have means kindly share the link.

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    I am trying to find the Linux version of the iTMSTransporter utility. I don't see "Deliver Your Content" in iTunes Connect as mentioned here, nor a link to "Transporter" as the Transporter User Guide suggests. Does anyone know where to find the linux version of this tool?

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    Work around solution --- get the java jar from windows version


    On windows  platform


         1.download windows version ex: https://itunesconnect.apple.com/transporter/1.8.3/iTMSTransporterToolInstaller_1 .8.3.exe


         2.install windows version


         3.go to program folder ex: C:\Program Files (x86)\itms\iTMSTransporter.woa  (maybe difference, by your windows platform)


         4.cp files to linux platform










    On the linux platform


         5.  chmod -R 755 iTMSTransporter


         6.  ./iTMSTransporter  -help  if you see help information, is work!


        if you see help information, is work!


         usage: iTMSTransporter [-help <arg> | -info | -m <arg> | -version]   [-o <arg>] [-v

           <arg>]  [-WONoPause <arg>] [-Xmx1024m]

    ps: Java 1.6 or higher is required