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Wondering what sucessful format(s) anybody is using on external HD's for OSX > Linux compatibility. I think <sucessful> is the key word.  I have 2 computers and a box with a pretty blinking light and my 6 year old really needs them to work.  PLEASE HELP!!!


Linux>Mint>Mate>Nadia  running on a circa 2005 PC with USB 2.0  (Based off of the Ubuntu distro).

MBP pouncing Snow Kitty

2T eX HD WesternDigital MyBook USB 2.0 factory formated for OSX

Airport Extreme base station (1st Gen)


HD is currently a network device on the Airport I want it off the immediate network and be able to get lite with my data just incase the Illuminati finds out I've discovered all their secrets.


Thanks all!