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So I am experiencing a problem with my keyboard when I am on my program pages.  My computer is about 4 years old and so is my pages 09 program.  My keyboard works well except when I am on pages my keyboard will freeze or won't respond.  If I quit the program a few times and return to pages the keyboard will continue again for awhile but again freeze .  I am a senior in college and I have my senior thesis due in a few weeks (total of 25 pages) I have 12 pages so far.  Is there any suggestions or help I can get to solve this issue?  I would like to keep typing without my keyboard stop responding. 


-I recently had a new hard drive installed becase my other hard drive crashed.  I have an OS X 10.6.8 and the original pages 09.  Please can someone help me. 



Thank you,


MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2009), Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Hi Kait,


    While you are waiting for a proper solution to your problem, here is something that will keep you going!


    If your keyboard works in TextEdit, you could keep typing (and simple formatting).


    TextEdit > Preferences > New Document > Rich text, Wrap to page


    File > New


    Save... Rich Text Document.


    Maybe copy from Pages, provided simple formatting will suffice.




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    Thank you Ian!  That is not bad of a solution!  I will do that if no one can help me resolve this keyboard issue. 


    Mahalo Nui Loa,


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    Read the discussion up to the right in the More like this window, or do a search in the forum to find similar  discussions.

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    I actually have before posting my problem.  I don't have any third-utility parties such as Better Touch tool.  And I only posted my situation because I have snow leopard and not lion like everyone else with my the same problem as me .


    I have also tried many of the suggested solutions provided and none have worked for me as well.

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    And which are those?

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    Some of the other solutions were scripts but it was associated with someone who downloaded lion.  I don't have lion.  I have snow leopard

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    Do you have either Time Machine or iCloud (maybe your tags are not up to date) turned on on your Mac?


    Either can cause a delay whilst saving. Turn them off and see what happens.


    Also how much hard drive space do you have free, OSX likes at least 10% free, 15% is better to write its temporary files to.


    You can check for background activity and HDD writes by opening Activity Monitor (in Utlities) and watching it, as you work, for excessive background tasks.


    Another possibility is you have a wireless keyboard and are getting Bluetooth interference from other devices.



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    Hi Peter,


    So I tried turning off my time machine.  That unfortunately did not work.  I do not know how to locate the icloud...I'm not really familiar with that new program. 


    I also have a lot of memory space.  I just had a new and larger hard drive put in about 4 months ago.  Do you know what growl is?  Or DivX?  Do you think these could be programs that are effecting the keyboard from responding.  I also noticed if I am working on pages and I am reading an article on adobe for information and try to go back and type that is when the keyboard is not responding.  Do you think it could be the adobe reader??


    I figured out how to monitor the background activity but I do not understand how this will help.  Should I be looking at something in particular.  Like maybe I have too many programs open at once?


    I also turned off my bluetooth but the problem is still occuring.  Thank you for suggesting some solutions. I really appreciate your time in helping me.




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    Keep a log so you know what you have tried, and be patient because the improvements, or lack thereof, may not be immediately evident.


    I'd suggest looking at your toolbar and making a list of all the background stuff that's running. One at a time, turn them off and leave them off for a time and see what happens.


    What you want to look for in Activity Monitor is the apps that float to the top when you sort by CPU load. You may not recognize them by name, but you can come to the discussions or Google to find out what they are doing.



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    Growl is a notification add-on, lets you know when something is updated or changed.


    DivX is nothing but a Video codex, still used by PC users (obsolete IMHO) but works on Mac as well if you have installed Perian, which gives you additional codecs for QuickTime. Just having video in DivX is irrelevant to your problem.


    iCloud is turned on/off in your System Preferences.


    Activity Monitor lets you look at lots of things happening on your Mac, any of which could be causing your delays or slowdowns.


    CPU will show how the multiple processors are being utilised. If they max out something is taking all your processing. Each process is detailed in the list.


    System Memory shows if all your RAM (electronic memory) is being used. If 100% is used it starts using your Hard Drive. Having lots of Tabs open in Safari particularly eats up RAM. I installed 12GB on my Mac which practically eliminates this but I still sometimes top out.


    Disk Activity shows how your Hard Drive or USB devices are being used. This is much slower than RAM and may have a delay as it spins up. "Green" hard drives are a particular problem as they actually stop spinning to save energy. Newer "Red" drives from Western Digital actually do a far better job of saving energy without the delay.


    Disk Usage shows how much of your drives is being occupied. OSX writes a lot of stuff to "Swap spaces" on the Hard Drive when it doesn't get to hold it in RAM. OSX likes at least 10% for swap, 20% is better.


    Network monitors remote traffic, which can be caused by you saving or reading from a server, either local or remote like iCloud. This is the slowest of all activity on your computer, very very slow by comparison with everything else. Some software writes or sends notifications "Back home" to the publishers's website. Adobe is one offender as is Hewlett Packard's printer monitoring software. Little Snitch can monitor and prevent this and is a great method of protecting your Mac from intruders as well.


    Another possibility is your Optical Drive, if you have one. Should you have a CD/DVD in the drive this can interrupt if it is being read or written to. Same with USB flash keys, which are usually in FAT32 (Windows) format.


    Spotlight can take resources as well if it is indexing your Hard Drive/s.


    Lastly do you have Boot Camp running Windows? This uses lots of resources of all descriptions.


    Many users seem to think computers will endlessly take anything you throw at them. Not true, they all have limited resources which can be taxed, if you push them hard enough.



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    Hi Peter,


    I noticed I have Boot Camp Assistant.  Is this bad?  It says it has not been installed.


    Thank you