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I am almost ready to give up all together using Outlook on my Mac.  A month or so ago I started getting stalls when the little colored wheel appears.  I type 10 seconds and it freezes, the wheel comes up and spins for 10 to 15 seconds, then it continues.  VERY frustrating!  Has anyone dealt with this problem out there?





iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    wow when I used to use it I had and Hour glass for an hour every hour on the hour.  Solution for me was to use ILife features on my MAC.  Microsoft anything just doesnt work well on a Mac unless you also use boot camp.  not sure but maybe  a problem with a Plist file or even a LSO you may have picked up using adobe flash.

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    Thank you Benjamin!  I would be so happy if it was every hour!


    I don't know what Boot Camp is, or a Plist file, or LSO (doh..)  I will research Boot Camp.


    I am using Outlook for so many things and it was working so well before, then all of the sudden this out of no where.


    Thanks again.

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    If your not using outlook betwwen you Mac and say a windows device I seriously encouage you encouge you to look into what your mak has to offer you.  tons of vidieo tutorials on youtube and the like.  Yeah it's a pain to learn but it pays for itself in the end.  Even better if you learn to use time machine with an external Hard drive.  Time machine is the bleeding edge of technology.  Very easy to set up and after that your Mac does the rest for you.  Backs up everything.  Here is another alternative solution.


    Post a new discussion stating exactly what you are doing on Outlook. ask the community what they are using and ask if anyone knows of some great vidioe tutorials.  The more specific the question the better the answer. Good luck.


    PS Boot camp allows you to run other operating systems on your Mac.  IE you could run windows XP on your Maqc using Boot Camp.