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I use my iPods (two Nano 1G’s) only for listening to podcasts.


For me, iTunes is the one and only completely non-intuitive product that Apple makes. 


For four years now, I have been stumbling through the meaning of the synch podcast options. I am subscribed tio a whole bunch of podcasts. When I got lucky and managed to set things up appropriately, I succeeded in synching every few days which removed the listened-to podcasts and replaced them with un-listend-to podcasts from my Library.


Here’s the problem. I can’t remember the rules or sequences for setting this arrangement up. Everything went “South” after a series of recent “restores.”


I want to synch manually, and I have set my Summery settings to “manually manage music”


There are too many options for my simple understanding and I can’t seem to reonstruct what I had befor I did the Restores.


Is there a written set of rules for setting up a manual synch that explains ALL the options and what they actually do, including the complex selections in the “Automatically include x most recent unplayed episodes of selected or all podcasts?


Snippets of suggestions only confuse me because I can’t get my head around the underlying architecture of what’s happening. (A.D.D)


Is there a set of basic, step-by-step instructions that cover this area published or existing in a downloadable list that is specifically for this podcast-only usage.I cannot find one. 


Could someone kindly point me to a written breakdown and list of instructions for this simple (to everyone but me) task?


Many thanks




iPod nano, iOS 1.x, iTunes 10.6.1, Lion 10.7.4