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Hello people who are all smarter than me.  I have a clutter problem - I created a series of email mailboxes (most of which I set-up wrong and are inactive) and as I attempt to delete them nothing happens.


I've done the click and delete - nothing, gone to file and delete - nothing , and even reset my permissions with no success.  Additionally I have a series of mail folders that I cannot delete as well.


My wireless mouse says it needs new batteries, would that be causing the problem?  (I'm joking, but seriously have no idea how to troubleshoot)


Would Captain Fix-It guy come save me?????

  • Eric Ross Level 6 (11,665 points)

    Are you talking about deleting mail accounts? if so then go into your mail preferences (mail menu select preferences) then click accounts start deleting those old accounts.  If you are trying to delete a mailbox just control click and select delete mailbox. 

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    Hello Eric,

    You were right on with the mail accounts - got those dialed, however I still cannot delete all those pesky mail folders and when I do as you suggested I get the following error message "The mailbox XYZ could not be delted.  The IMAP command “DELETE” failed with server error: delete Failed."


    Any ideas?