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What is the purpose or situations in which Iphone 3Gs should be made to factory settings ( called restore iphone) ? Since my iphone is not catching 3G network for last couple of days I was told to reset to factory settings and then restore back up. Is it advisable to do so ? If I do factory resettings then it will go to country specific settings or hardware settings ? because I bought phone from France and using in India. In this situation will it again work in India. How to check whether it is factory unlocked or made country usable by Reseller in France ?


iPhone 3GS, iOS 3.1.3
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    If the phone is legitimately unlocked, then it will remain so. If it was hacked to illegally unlock it, it will, at best, re-lock to the original carrier. At worst, it will be completely unable to activate.


    Did you buy it from a legitimate, authorized source, or from a gray market reseller? If the latter, odds are it was hacked.


    Call AppleCare and give them the serial number. They should be able to tell you if it's locked an to which carrier.


    ONLY the carrier it is locked to can legally authorize unlocking it.