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Hi everyone,


I want to set my macbook pro (mid-2010) to factory settings, do a completely new, clean install. (Due to some issues with the boot-up speed etc)

But, my mac originally came with OS Snow Leopard.

I still want Mountain Lion to remain on my mac: How do I do this?

(So, just to be clear, I want a clean reinstallation of Mountain Lion (& erase all my apps and files that were on my mac))

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)
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    First, have a good backup either Time Machine or SuperDuper or CCC clone.

    Use the DVD that shipped with your Mac to erase & install the original OS.

    Then upgrade to ML via the app store.

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    So I first have to erase my harddisk, and then reinstall from the cmd-r menu?

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    No, that was my mistake. That's only for Macs that shipped with Lion or ML. In your case you need to revert to Snow Leopard, then apply the ML upgrade.

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    Ok thanks. Will the ML upgrade be 'free' ? (Because I already payed for it)

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    It's free. You will have to use the same Apple id for the previous purchase to be recognized.

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    I have wiped my hard drive and am trying to reinstall Lion, but its just sitting there doing nothing.


    Any ideas?

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    Internet Recovery should work:



    OS X Internet Recovery

    If you happen to encounter a situation in which you cannot start from the Recovery System, such as your hard drive stopped responding or you installed a new hard drive without OS X installed, new Mac models introduced after public availability of OS X Lion or OS X Mountain Lion, automatically use the OS X Internet Recovery feature if the Recovery System (Command-R method above) doesn't work. OS X Internet Recovery lets you start your Mac directly from Apple's Servers. The system runs a quick test of your memory and hard drive to ensure there are no hardware issues.

    OS X Internet Recovery presents a limited interface at first, with only the ability to select your preferred Wi-Fi network and, if needed, enter the WPA passphrase. Next, OS X Internet Recovery will download and start from a Recovery System image. From there, you are offered all the same utilities and functions described above.

    As with the Recovery System, reinstallation of OS X Lion or OS X Mountain Lion from OS X Internet Recovery requires an Internet connection. See "Supported network configurations and protocols" below.

    Some computers that did not ship with OS X Lion or OS X Mountain Lion installed may have a software update available that allows them to use Lion Internet Recovery.