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    Aw man, OT and TD, I had gotten my hopes up reading this thread for a program that would specifically nix auto-rotated originals, but then you had to go point out several major problems with CMM2 - especially the Preview-quality replacement. How awful! Thanks for saving me there.


    Still though - frustration with duplicate auto-rotates continues eating at my soul:


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    I have about 56000 photos.  I know some are duplicates, and i suspect it could easily be a thousand duplicates.  I bought duplicate annihalator after reading various threads. 


    I am really dissappointed with Duplicate Annihilator.  The worst is that I paid money for the application.


    Apart from anything else it is almost impossible to understand how it  works.  Complete gibberish to me even though I am a tech specialist.


    I ran a test on about 20 photos and it took absolutely ages and still didn't do anything useful like telling me helpful information about duplicates or lining the photos side by side so I could tell if it was a correct match.  Useless!


    I then tried to run it on my 56000 photo library.  It has been running for 10 hours and no change in the screen.  I don't think it's finding duplicates.    Don't waste your money!  Have not tried any of the other solutions proposed in this thread.

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    Obviously, the feedback you offer should go to the makers of the software.


    That said, yours is the first time I've seen suh a complaint abou the app on here.

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    Here is my lastest assessment of the various dup finder apps:


    These applications will identify and help remove duplicate photos from an iPhoto Library:


    • iPhoto Library Manager - $29.95 - will also merge libraries or copy photos along with edited versions, metadata, etc. between libraries.


    • Duplicate Annihilator - $7.95 - only app able to detect duplicate thumbnail files or faces files when an iPhoto 8 or earlier library has been imported into another.


    • PhotoSweeper - $9.95 - This app can search by comparing the image's bitmaps or histograms thus finding duplicates with different file names and dates.


    • DeCloner - $19.95 - can find duplicates in iPhoto Libraries or in folders on the HD.


    • DupliFinder - $7 - shows which events the photos are in.



    Some users have reported that PhotoSweeper did the best in finding all of the dups in their library: i photo has duplicated many photos, how...: Apple Support Communities.


    If you have an iPhone and have it set to keep the normal photo when shooting HDR photos the two image files that are created will be duplicates in a manner of speaking (same image) but the only duplicate finder app that detected the iPhone HDR and normal photos as being duplicates was PhotoSweeper.  None of the other apps detected those two files as being duplicates as they look for file name as well as other attributes and the two files from the iPhone have different file names.


    iPLM, however, is the most versatile and best all around iPhoto utility to have.

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    Follow up to my earlier post criticising Duplicate Annihilator:


    After checking YouTube, I decided to try the free program called Duplicate Cleaner for iPhoto.


    It works!


    First point it to your photo library "Pictures".  Mine contained around 57'000 photos of 218 GB.   First it ran a scan to find "potential" duplicates.  It found around 8000 potential duplicates.  It then re-examines those potential duplicates looking for "exact" matches.  This second pass reduced the number of duplicates to around 7000.  The space used by the 7000 duplicates was about 12gb, 


    These two comparison processes took a couple of hours, but I could see the progress, as it kept a track of how many photos were checked, and there was a progress bar too.  This was reassuring as it meant that I could see the program was working.


    After the second pass, it displayed a list of duplicates in the form of icons, with the original on the left, and the duplicates on the right. All thumbnails had a check box.  The check box on the original was un-checked, whilst the check-box of the duplicates on the right was ticked.   The check box was to move potential duplicates to the iphotos Trash folder - if I confirmed.


    You can press the down arrow to review each photo, and its duplicates one after the other.  A visual inspection tells you the photos are identical, but you can also see all the other data, like name, date, time, file location, event name, file location (in masters), and so on in case you doubt the photos are identical.


    Not only did it find duplicates with exact name and date/time match, but it also found duplicates taken without any date or time information, and which had different names, e,g, "Pic8923.jpg"  and "Photo_of_my_cat.jpg".  In this case the second photo - the duplicate - called "Photo_of_my_cat.jpg" was checked for potential deletion.  If I wanted, I could have changed that and deleted the original, keeping the duplicate.


    I could not check all 7000 duplicates metadata, but it was fairly quick to scroll through them and check they were visually the same photo.  I still as a precaution checked the metadata on several hundred photos to make sure that I was not deleting a 2mb photo and keeping an 11kb thumbnail.   As far as I could tell, there were no photos of different sizes which were claimed as duplicates.


    I could not find any photos marked as a duplicate wrongly.  I have many photos with the same name and I was worried that two completely different photos both called "Dad.jpg" might be classified as duplicates.  This didn't happen.


    The last step was to click the box "move duplicates to iphotos trash".   This started a process of deleting the checked duplicates one by one.   This seems to be the slowest part of the process.  It is still proceeding to do this as I speak.  It has deleted a couple of hundred photos so far over around 30 minutes.  It deletes about 10 photos a minute, so the 7000 duplicates will take around 700 minutes or over 10 hours.  This is kind of slow, but in another sense it is reassuring because I suppose it is doing the job in iPhoto correctly.  The main thing is that once again I can see the progress, so I know that it has not seized up on me.


    Although the deletion process has not finished as I write this, everything looks like it is going smoothhly, so I rate this program, Duplicate Cleaner for iPhoto, as excellent.  It's free, intuitive to use and intelligent enough not to make mistakes with false duplicates.   I found a demo of how to use it on YouTube.


    My only criticism is that it won't find smaller versions of the same photo.  So for example if I have a photo of 1.7MB, and a smaller copy of 250kb, I would like it to be able to find these two and offer me the chance of deleting the smaller photo.   Nowadays with large hard drives you don't need smaller copies, but it was a feature of some Sony cameras a few years ago to make both large and small versions of each photo.

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    There is a program by Fat Cat Software that allows people to use multiple iPhoto libraries and search through existing libraries for duplicates.  It's called:  iPhoto Library Manager.

  • Eric Vasbinder Level 1 (70 points)

    Here is the link to the software (hopefully it will be allowed to be posted):

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    Right - the very first answer to this thread dated April 11,  2013  answer is still good as is the link


    iPhoto Library Manager - -  has a good duplicate elimination module


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