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Last night after many months of issues with my iphone 5 I spoke with "Summer" from Apple who authorized the replacement of my iphone 5. She was most helpful. However, there is some miscommunication between local authorized resellers and Apple. There is even miscommunication between the Apple Store in Ottawa and Applecare.


Applecare, suggested I go to the "Jump" store who are authorized resellers and do repairs for Apple products. They however do not deal with repair or replacement of iphones, ipad or any product other than Mac. I found this out after trying to get them to look up my case number and do my replacement.


The second suggestion was to go to the Apple reseller at Queen's University. Queen's University does sell Apple products and they do repair them but, they do not deal with the local community other than students. Therefore, if you are not a student they will not help you.


So then I called the Apple store directly *two hours away from me* I was told last evening by Apple care that if I went to the Apple store they would look up my case number and see the notes to replace my phone and do so. Not so. I just got off the phone with them and I was told "The final call is with our own technician who would despite what Applecare has told you still need to run diagnositics on your phone and THEN determine if you will get the replacement." So, what Applecare told  me last evening and authorized, the Applestore here will not abide by without they determine first whether or not they will need to abide by what Applecare authorized? I was told last evening by Apple that the store would look up my case number see that I am authorized for a replacement and that it should be "no problem" they will replace my iphone5 on the spot.


Well, the Apple store in Ottawa is under a very different impression as to how they will honour this arrangement or not. So I could end up going all the way there and even though I'm authorized by Apple for a replacement, end up being told they will "repair" it instead? Even though my case # authorizes them to give me a new iphone 5? :S I just wondered if Apple knows the local stores here feel that they have the last call on this?


There is a lot of miscommunication between Apple corporate, Apple Care and the Canadian stores. One: I have spoken to Apple several times and they are always under the impression that the Queen's University store will repair or replace Apple products here in Kingston. No, they absolutely only deal with students which is too bad as they are the best place for repairs around here!


Secondly, I don't know if Applecare knows the "Jump" store only repairs and replaces Mac but, not other Apple products.


This leaves those of us in Kingston with no option but, to go to the Apple store at least two hours away and even then, according to them they do not have to abide by what Apple authorized with regard to replacement. So I could end up going all the way there *two hours one way at least* and find out that the store itself will not replace my phone even when Apple has said they will.


Applecare, is attempting to help me but, locally there is no one who will a.) abide by what Apple is telling me even with a case number, or b.) is actually authorized to do what Apple thinks they can do.


This is highly frustrating. I would like to suggest that we get an Apple Store here much as London, Ontario has, a similarly sized city due to the fact that our local resellers A.) either only deal with students or B.) do not repair or replace ipad, iphone or any product other than a Mac. And that Apple update these stores here to let them know if they have to abide by what Apple care case numbers authorize as far as repair and replacement go. Otherwise, Applecare isn't worth as much for those of us here. Since the local store "Ottawa" is saying they don't have to abide by what Applecare authorizes and that they will themselves determine the outcome even after Apple as said otherwise.


At the very least the information regarding what can be accessed for each store regarding repair, Applecare, Warranty and replacement needs some updating.  As a customer when I have a case open and Apple tells me something I believe that issue to be solved and their information to be fact. Local stores should not be able to make "the final call" nor should it be "up to" them after Apple has told a customer otherwise.


I am also having issues with my Macbook Pro and hope this isn't an indication of the communication between Apple and the stores here going forward.

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    Update: I just called Apple CANADA about this and spoke with "Logan" who solved this for me. He confirmed that there is no where here to repair or replace an iphone and that the Apple store in Ottawa would have made the final "call" which to me is really not right but, Logan solved my issue. I am just going to mail this in for a replacement instead of going all the way to Ottawa to perhaps not have my case information honored by the store there.


    Fortunately, once again the help I got in the end worked out but, there is way too much confusion here about what Applecare can do for you or not. My next step was to have someone from Apple call the store manager as their response was totally unacceptable. If Apple has told me they are replacing my phone then the stores anywhere should honor that. Oh and THANK YOU TO SUMMER AND LOGAN but, the Ottawa store not so much.