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  • b.k.jackson Level 2 Level 2 (250 points)
    I just replaced the 5400 rpm with a 7200 rpm yesterday...

    Yes - you have to remove the 4 star patterned bolts (2 on each side) from the old hard drive - these will match holes on the new drive.

    I don't have it with me - but it is a very small driver that you'll need to use (maybe a 00)? Luckily I had a set that came with a larger "toolbox" purchase of screwdrivers, etc or else I wouldn't have been able to remove them either.


  • Paul Sparaco1 Level 1 Level 1 (80 points)
    I was able to find it. They are called Tork screws. Boought a set at Radio Shack. My new Hitachi 100gb travelstar 7200 drive is in and I am doing software updates. Many thanks to everyone who offered their help. i have to say it was easier than changing the ram and that was pretty easy.
  • Bobleo Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)
    You will need a Phillips #00 screwdriver for the "L" bracket (not a #01, as some Apple documents mention), and a Torx #T-8 screwdriver for the drive enclosure. Total time for memory and drive replacement...about 5 minutes.

  • blues334 Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)
    I pan on installing my harddrive either tonight or tomorrow. Changed the ram to 2Gb today and took about 5 minutes.

    Once I get the new drive in, do I just boot from the OS X disk and reinstall the OS X system or will I need to do something to the drive first?

    ALso what is a good utility to move all the data from my current drive onto the new one. I have a ministack drive I can use to store the data, just need to know how to get it there the best way
  • Eric Kracinski Level 6 Level 6 (15,925 points)
    Once it is installed, just boot up from the install disks and the installer will walk you through initializing the drive.

    A far easier way would have been to clone your internal drive to a USB or FW drive using SuperDuper, then cloning it back. That way all of your programs and settings would be exactly as they were before the swap.

    I did that with my iMac when I upgraded it from the 160GB drive to the 320GB unit that I now use.

  • blues334 Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)
    Super Duper!

    I guess I will check on that tonight and move my stuff on to the ministack firewire HD.

    Thanks for the information
  • Eric Kracinski Level 6 Level 6 (15,925 points)
    The first time you clone the drive, it will take a while. I cloned my HD as soon as I opened the box just so I could have a restore point if I screwed something up. It took about 30 minutes.

    After you register, you can do smart updates which save a ton of time. It took my cloning times down to less than 9 minutes.
  • blues334 Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)
    Well swapped out the hard drive today. Was pretty straightforward. Only had to go puy the proper torx size at Home Depot.

    Of course I have moved all my data over to the new one and then I realized I left my data on my old 80gb drive the MacBook came with! Now I am going to have to remove the new one, reinstall the old and do an erase on the old one!!

    Practice makes perfect!
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