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Recently, I updated my iPhone 4 and have lost the ability to join wifi networks. Wifi is on, but my iPhone will not find any networks. I have reset my network settings, reset my phone, and even did the master reset on my MacBook Pro. Nothing seemed to work. Any suggestions?

iPhone 4, iOS 6.1.3
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    i posted the same thing a few days back, no replies. so i doubt this will get any replies either. I'll keep on lurking.

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    A lot of people have posted something about wifi not working, but Apple is not admitting that something is seriously wrong.

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    It really ***** for first time iphone users like myself since there's no help on this situation.

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    There have been so many complaints, yet no response from Apple. I have always been a big supporter of Apple, but right now I'm not.

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    If your iPhone 4 doesn't find any WiFi networks then it likely has a hardware problem. You have already tried the steps which might have corrected the problem. Contact Apple Support or visit an Apple store for an evaluation and replacement.


    I doubt that your current problem has much to do with updating your iOS level. It's more likely just coincidental.

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    This happened to me as well.  I know my wifi works at home as my friends got on.


    Very simple reset your network settings.


    It won't delete anything on your phone. It's not a complete wipe.


    I just did it and works fine.