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I can not hear any sound when recording a guitar into Logic.  When I play back the audio file, I can hear it over the computer speakers with all plug ins applied to the audio signal.   I use a Microbook II going in via USB.  I have even turned the "I" on during recording and nothing. 


My goal is to hear the end, processed signal as I play into the computer via the computer speakers or a headset plugged into the computer.

Logic Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    In order to hear your processed signal as its being recorded you need to enable "Software Monitoring".

    Go to Preferences > Audio > Devices and under the Core Audio tab enable "Software Monitoring".

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    ...or/and you can  enable a switch in the transport bar: ctrl- or rightclick the transport bar, choose "Customize..." and select Software Monitoring (top of third row of options).


    http://documentation.apple.com/en/logicpro/usermanual/index.html#chapter=5%26sec tion=8%26tasks=true

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    Thanks for information guys.  But I still have no sound as I am recording in.  I have turned on Sofware Monitoring and have tried it with the "I" selected and de-selected.  I have input and the signal records to the audio track, but there is no sound coming from the computer speakers.  I check preferences in both OSX and Logic.


    Any other thoughs out there....

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    The I button should be engaged, otherwise it won't work.

    Just to recap: So you see the signal arriving at the track, and you can record it, and it can be heard on playback? But even with Software Monitoring engaged and the I button active there's no sound? And the fader is at a reasonable level, roughly between -12 and 0 dBfs?

    Where is the audio track routed to? Do you see the signal (=meters moving) arrive there, too? And those speakers do produce sound when Logic plays back, right?

    It would help if you could put up a screenshot of your mixer & transport, so I can see your routings, and plugins.

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    Thanks to all for your help.  I did learn a couple of things.  I called Apple support and it turns out the OUTPUT volume level was turned down too low.  Simple fix but I will take it.