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Antonio Machado Level 1 (5 points)

Hi. I have some doubts and will try to ask all the questions here:


1) Is it possible to buy only the Power Point for Mac or do I have to buy the Office package? On apple.com I didn't find the PPT alone. Please help


2) Can I download it or do I have to buy a physical copy, CD...?


What I want to do is to create one or a few slides with a map of my trip and send it to around 100 people. The great majority have PCs. But some of the people might use MACs and might not have Office for MAC. So I have other doubts:


2) A .ppt file (in this case the file doesn't have animation) won't open on MAC unless the user has Office? Or can he open in another MAC software that I'm not aware of?


3) Is it easy to save the .ppt file (no animation) from Power point for MAC as a .jpg or .pdf file? I think this is the only way of being 100% sure that everyone, MAC and PC users, can open it, right?


Finally, I thought of maybe buying Keynote:


4) If I buy the Keynote software, is it easy to convert the file to .ppt so PC users can open it? Consider 2 scenarios: file with animation and file without animation


5) Can I also save Keynote files as .pdf or .jpg?


6) Can I buy Notes alone or do I have to buy a software package?



Mac Book Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6)