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    the only fix is to me I work in the tech dept at a carrier

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    trust you. but my phone's wifi not working.

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    You think is there any hope our WiFi greyed out problem would be fixed if soon we install the latest ios7

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    did you try ios 7?

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    Not yet i'm just waiting that update until they fully release it i'm not a developers but i hope it will help us to get back our wifi connection

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    I had the same issue with my Iphone 4 tried to work with apple care and went to apple store but was unable to fix it. Paid the $199 to get a replacement phone and the new phone had the same issue after a few days. I went back to apple store twice and since they could not fix it I got a 2nd replacement phone at that worked for two weeks and it now is not working again. Tried to reset the phone twice and still does not work. Now trying the suggestion to let my phone power down all the way and see if that helps. Will update if it does.

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    Apparently iOS 7 doesn't fix the issue.

    I had always felt apple had better hardware than their competitors but this ordeal is leaving a sour taste in my mouth.

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    having been having the same issues since I updated software this past week - had a call with Apple support where they acknowledged they know its a problem and said it is a software issue. they were unsure if the issue would be remedied with IOS 7 or before. Not sure if this is true but the guy i spoke to suggested that even though I reset the phone, since I reset it to be backed up as my phone (instead of a brand new phone) the backup may actually be "saving" the software issue.. so i'll try again tonight to set it up as a new phone. I am not optimistic.


    of course my phone is also 30 days past warranty, so I have an appointment at Apple Store this weekend where it looks like I may just be buying a replacement phone for the $200.

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    Hi Guys I m suffering this problem as well, it happened around March this year, one day I turned the wifi off, and then it can not be turn on again. In May, It was upgraded to 6.1.3, then still same problem. My iphone has expired for 12 month warranty, so I guess it has to pay for fix this problem. I do not think this problem is caused by hardware, I rather believe it s a virus or bugs problem. Behonest as this problem getting more and more general, Apple definitely has to take the responsibility for it, free to be fixed.

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    It seems this is a common problem for many people.  I have the same issues with mine and it happened after the update to the new software.  Confusing though because my wife has same version iPhone and her Wi-Fi connection still works.  Apple isn't keeping my patronage after this.  My plan is up for a new phone in December and Samsung here I come.

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    Hey Guys,


    Same problem with mine. Here's a link to an article written on Time Magazine's Tech Section of their Internet site. It's written by the managing tech editor. He's having the same problem with his 4s that other people are complaining about.



    He's asked Apple to comment, as of yet I don't believe he's been given a response.


    Many people experiencing this problem have achieved temporary fixes by taking a heat gun to the back of the phone, putting the phone in the freezer for 30 minutes, or having the WiFi chip removed and resoldered (check out YouTube for examples). Granted these solutions are ridiculous and likely only temporary, they do however point to the root of the problem.


    The growing consensus is that 6.1.3 is having problems with heat generation, especially around the WiFi chip. This is affecting the soldering, causing degradation in WiFi performance eventually leading to the point where the WiFi button becomes completely grayed out. The reason this happens to some 4s's and not others is that not all 4s's have the same WiFi Module or maybe be soldered differently. Check out EmBee82's posts on the following thread for a good summation of the problem and the MacGyver fix.



    At any rate I wouldn't bother listening to anyone who might suggest the problem is on your end. As you and numerous others have mentioned, everything worked fine on the aggrieved devices until you updated to iOS 6.1.3. The only thing you've done wrong is to trust the efficacy of the latest iOS update. Keep pressuring Apple. They created the problem and the onus is on them to fix it


    Seems like Samsung is going to be getting a lot of new customers...

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    Wanted to share my experience, in case it might help anyone else.


    I noticed a few days ago that my phone seemed slow when loading web pages.  I checked wifi and sure enough, it wasn't connected.  Now, I had recently connected to the wifi at work, but had disabled only that network, and realized finally that wifi had stopped working after that.  When I went into the wifi screen, I got the spinning circle trying to find available networks, and it never stopped.


    So, not knowing what the problem was, I thought perhaps upgrading to 6.1.3 would solve the problem (I had not upgraded to 6.1.2 because of the battery drainage issue and they had told us at work to wait).  I upgraded, turned my phone on and the wifi was greyed out.  WTH?  After hours of research online, I realized two things: 1) my phone was 5.5 months out of warranty, and 2) I was 42 days away from an upgrade to iphone 5 for $99.


    I tried every available fix to no avail.  So I resorted to the hair dryer method.  First time, it didn't work.  The second time, maybe I got it too hot or something, I don't know.  But I let it cool off for 2 hours before attempting to turn it on, and it froze up.  I could not turn it on without doing a hard reset, or wake it up without having the apple icon appear and never go away.  After a hard reset, I could swipe and get into the screen, but touching any of the icons froze the phone once again. Frustrating.  I cannot say for sure what caused this problem, but none of the solutions I tried worked.  I could live without the wifi, but I just wanted my phone to work at this point, to retrieve info if nothing else.


    Once I got home, I had to unfreeze it first, then plug it into the USB on the PC to get itunes to recognize it (in the frozen state, itunes couldn't get a response ffrom it).  After a back up, I restored it and thankfully it is working again.  And amazingly, the wifi is working again.  Perhaps the hair dryer worked, to what extent remains to be seen.  But at least I am not out another $200 or even $600.  I've learned my lesson - if the wifi quits working again (which is likely, after seeing all the comments), I will just wait until I can upgrade.

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    For all those with same issue, myself included...  I setup an appointment at the Genius Bar, took my phone in (iPhone 4S, 16gb).  When I showed up and mentioned that my wifi stopped working, the attendant asked if my wifi button was greyed out.  I said yes and he replied with a head shake as if he's been seeing this issue.  When I inquired, he immediately acknowledged the issue saying the chip had gone bad and the only resolution is to trade out the phone.  This isn't a software issue, so it can't be fixed with a future update - definetely a hardware problem.  It literally took 7 seconds to diagnose and soon I was out of the store with a new phone.

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    I dealt with this problem yesterday, and actually found a fix that doesn't involve freezing or heating the phone.  This worked for me, but for those of you with actual confirmed broken hardware, I doubt it will.  However...


    1. Turn off cellular data (settings>general>cellular).

    2. Reset network settings (settings>general>reset).

    3. After the phone has rebooted, go back into settings and you should be able to turn wifi on now. You can also turn back on your cellular data.


    Hopefully this will work for you as well.

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    I have the same wi-fi grey out problem.  This is the second major problem I have had with the iphone - the first was a problem with the iphone overheating and turning off repeatedly.  There is no way I am paying anything more to Apple when they have caused a problem with the equipment they made.  If this were a car, there would be a mandatory recall to fix the problem.  Shame on Apple.  I have lost confidence in Apple products.  Fortunately, I am elibible for an upgrade on Verizon and am today upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy S4.  It really does feel like an upgrade -- goodbye to Apple and their buggy equipment.