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    This worked for me.... I have the same issue with the wifi greyed out took it to apple and they said it wasn't hardware but wouldn't replace it for unless I paid 139.99for new hardware?!?anyway I googled temporary fixes and came across putting it in the freezer for 10 mins(make sure it's turned off first) which should let the wifi work for n hour or so. This worked however on Saturday I forgot to takeot put of the freezer and left it there for over 12 hours. When I turned it on it needed plugged into the mains to remember the battery life as it said it was at1% however since then the wifi has worked without issue. I don't know if it was a fluke but worth a shot people.

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    My iPhone 4S had the same issue. I upgraded it to iOS 7 yesterday. It was a magic that the wireless back.


    I am not sure why it works by upgrading to iOS 7. My daughter told me that she followed the procedure which posted by Apple, including reset and reinstalling but failed. However, there could be a possibility that she didn't reinstall acutally. So when I upgraded to iOS 7, the issue fixed.


    If not this case, then there must be something new in the iOS 7!

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    I can confirm that the highly scientific method of putting the iPhone in the freezer for 30 minutes may work. It has for me. So far so good. Still, I'm looking forward to iOS7 to be released, as I feel my wifi could get back to greyed-out state at any moment while running 6.1.3.

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    I have found a solution. You can put your iPhone (off of course) in the freezer for about 45 mins to an hour. When you take it out turn on the wifi and connect. As fast as you can reset the network settings and it should be a permenant fix. I had to do this twice before it worked but it did work.

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    Another vote for the freezer method. Seriously.

    I tried all the fixes and resets apple suggested, tried draining the battery, tried turning it off for a whole night, finally decided I would have to bring it into the store and pay for a new one. I figured a trip to the freezer was worth a try first, even though I didn't think something like that had any way of working. Well it actually did, and I'm back on Wi-Fi! No idea why that worked but GIVE IT A TRY!

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    Ok, update, the freezer only worked for me until the phone heated back up, and then my WiFi was back off. Did more research, and apparently if the freezer fixes it for any length of time, the issue is micofractures in the solder in your WiFi chip. The cold expands the metals unevenly and temporarily fixes the issue.
    For a more permanent fix, you need to reflow the area of the phone where the chip is located. I did this with a hairdryer on high heat aimed right around the area of the phone where the headphones go. I heated for 5 min, then let it cool before turning the phone back on and connecting. It basically melts the solder and hopefully repairs the fractures. Its working so far. Crossing my fingers to see if it lasts.

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    try this, worked for me and also for others

    good luck

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    If you got the Iphone one year ago all is lost.... Use it as a toy. I restore my 4S 5 times. Sometimes Wife connection worked. Then of 1, 2 or 3 days Wi-Fi was death again. Then just in few hours Wi-Fi was death. I installed IOS 7 Beta 2 and the problem was not resolve. So friends… lost your hope if you think that IOS 7 is going to resolve it. Definitely this is a hardware problem that Apple generated and now Apple is not going to resolve it for those of us whom have lost warranty.... so I decided change apple for  ssss… good lock ---… but is time to change!!!!!

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    I had the same problem a week ago, I tried to  restore my iphone 4s but still the same. I asked my friend yesterday and he told me that his other friend had the same problem. What he did (and I also did and it worked) was to turn off his iphone then he put it inside the fridge for about 20-30 mins. And so I covered my iphone with a plastic wrapper so as not to get wet. After 20-30 mins I took it outside and let the coldness subside. And when the iphone was in normal temperature, I turned it on and immediately went to the wifi button and ALAS it is working again. it worked for me, might as well work for you

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    I finally manage to bring my iPhone 4S to a local repair shop since it's out of warranty (1.5 years since the purchase date).

    They're not cheap (it costs me ~$65), and apparently they're professional in their job (well, that comes with a price, doesn't it?..)

    I'm not quite sure what exactly they're doing, but looking at how they use airgun, and dismantling the iPhone, most likely they're reflowing the wifi chip, as the solder got cold and didn't make a good contact between the chip and the board.

    If you browse the internet, you'll find someone suggest to do reflow on the logic board or put in the oven for a certain amount of time.


    At least I can keep my iPhone (with wifi functionality) a bit longer before upgrading to a newer generation smartphone


    If you still have the warranty, you should claim it and get a replacement.

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    I fallowed instructions no such luck hmmmm

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    any way of going to a lower version I am on 6.1.3 I got a Iphone 4 S here not 5 thanks

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    Hi to all

    This worked for me.. My iPhone 4S had the wifi greyed out.

    After scanning the Internet for days for solutions,I finally embraced the fact that its time to put it in

    The freezer but this only worked for like 2 mins and kept loosing my wifi again so I messed around with the freezer thing all day.

    then went to bed put iPhone on charge and put under my pillow.

    Woke up to the alarm for work noticed my I phone was

    Was boiling hot or over heating I quickly took it off charge then noticed the wifi was on

    And it ain't been off since.

    ((Soo IDE say put in freezer to get greyed out wifi back on..then over heat I phone

    Sweet.. Hope this helps guys

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    Real bad idea.  Putting phone hear boiling water after being in freezer will certainly cause condensation in the phone and corrosion will develop over time - grayed out WiFi will become the least of the phone's problems.