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    Why are you asking me about Apple warranty policies?

  • Therap Level 1 Level 1

    The loss of wifi issue whilst not new continues to create havic and frustrations for users / customers of Apple Iphones.


    I have now had four, yes four, Apple iphone 4S have wifi grey out in the past 3 weeks. Apple through multiple trips to their local store and also through on line chat have infered they have an issue but, and this is the cracker, the problem is mine as I chose to upload the update not them.


    I personally have found the whole experiencing frustrating as you receive no consideration or apology.


    Apple are so commercially successful they are now arrogant to the extreme.

  • Oscastyle Level 1 Level 1

    I'm having the same problem, wifi has been on and off. I've tried freezing it, but I don't think my freezer is powerful enough, so I will try a more powerful one (wish me luck). I have done the whole reset my settings BS which they told me to do, I even deleted everything off my phone and all that, which didn't help, which was really annoying, since my phone was now blank *sob*. Apple can't do anything to help, because they're too afraid to confess that they've made a hardware error which makes the wifi chip permanently disable due to an emergency reaction to temperature which in our case doesn't seem to revert. That's my only conclusion. Freezing the phone is rumoured to reset the electronics which can revert this, but if that doesn't work it means the wifi chip is plain broken, so there might not be anything else to do but replace it. It all seems so random as well, though... It overheats and gets stuck (so it works on and off randomly, in my case) and eventually breaks (because it hasn't worked for months now), that's what I think.

  • Level 1 Level 1

    it is a hardware issue. must be repaired. podmod does it. it is a fast repair. freezer and other solutions do not work. it is just cosmetics and dangerous experiments from hogwarts. get it fixed and then the iphone wlan is on.

  • F82CR8 Level 1 Level 1

    My iphone 4s wifi also greyed out and bluetooth continued to search for a connection. could not connect to wifi.

    Solution came unexpectedly.

    I went out to eat at a place that had wifi. my iphones bluetooth had located a device within the restaurant which freed up the wifi and it hooked up as usual.

    So, if you have a bluetooth device, pair it and it should allow you to open up the wifi and connect. Hope this helps.

  • vaportrails2002 Level 1 Level 1 wrote:


    it is a hardware issue. must be repaired. podmod does it. it is a fast repair. freezer and other solutions do not work. it is just cosmetics and dangerous experiments from hogwarts. get it fixed and then the iphone wlan is on.

    Thanks for spamming the should be banned!

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    Actually all materials contract in the cold.  Heat expands any material.

  • Ndidonna Level 1 Level 1

    I can also attest that the best way to fix a grayed out Wi-Fi issue is to take a hair dryer (or other heating source) to your iPhone, make it go into a "temp alert state", turn it off, throw it in the fridge for 10 mins, and then you're good as new with Wi-Fi access. Here is the tutorial on how to do it:


    I updated my iPhone 4S software to iOS 6.0.7 (I know, a little behind the times) a few days ago. As my phone was starting up, I went to check through the settings and found that the Wi-Fi was grayed out (could not turn on or off).


    Frustrated, but hopeful, I called AppleCare Tech Support. They suggested I restore my phone to an old backup (from a few days before the update). After doing this, still no Wi-Fi ability. The next day, I call Tech Support again, but no new answers. I look around online for answers and I find a suggestion that you switch the phone into airplane mode, erase network settings, do a quick restart and that this will then get the Wi-Fi working. Still no luck.

    Turns out that the issue was related to micro-fractures in the solder of the WiFi chip. You need to reflow the area of the phone where the chip is located. Heating the phone up melts the solder and repairs the fractures.

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    I can confirm that the latest version of IOS (7.1) also does nothing to fix this issue. Apple have geneated this problem by writing in some power-saving functionality into their software - I guessdue to bad battery life, which has recieved a lot of press. Previous to the newer version, the issue did not exist, and in the brief winddow of roll back a few users found reversion eradicated the issue. They have subsequently not prioritised resolving it, because it primarily affects 4S users....and this model is no longer a major concern for them. I think this is pretty lamentable behaviour from Apple. I am now due an upgrade and will soon to be proud owner of a new Samsung or HTC device, which will allow me the novel luxury of internet access through local wireless networks.

  • hacobi1102 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm too,

    And it is fixed after i Restore my iphone to the lastest IOS, and Erase All Content and Settings

  • weejow Level 1 Level 1

    Blow dryer + freezer worked for me. Been a full 24 hours now without any hint of it failing.

  • hydesmith Level 1 Level 1

    I tried a number of other fixes as well, and the freezer approach actually works.


    I upgraded to iOS9 and the wifi would not work reliably afterward. Maybe it is more sensitive to poor wifi antenna issues. Sometimes it would be greyed out, other times it would just not find a network, even though strong signals were present.


    If I rebooted the iPhone, the wifi would usually work for at least a short time, especially if I made sure all the apps were turned off right after restarting. It would come back on if I left it on a freezer pack. I left it in the freezer for about 20 minutes and it has been working fine for the whole day.

  • gwwknaqu Level 1 Level 1


    So is this the professional fix for this issue? Has apple never thought that maybe, releasing a software, kernel update, would fix this the professional way ?!


    So, we're paying a **** lot of money for the apple products (as compared to their counterparts from other manufacturers), JUST so that they would ask us to freeze and boil our devices ?! :)))))))))))))


    GOOD JOB! "JOBS" !  :)))))))) keep it "UP" ! Or.. wait.. I should say: KEEP it in the FREEZER ! :)))))))))))))))))))))))


    Sorry. Just can NOT stop laughing at all of the mac or iOS users Just CAN'T !


    But I got more:


    - What's for breakfast honey?

    - Oh, we're just having some nice iPhone with a side of iPod Touch Nano. They both had network issues. We had to let them go...

    From this point on, whenever something doesn't work for me... Or whenever I have a problem... I just try to either put my laptop in the freezer, or put myself in the freezer.... THAT seems to fix everything. At least, as long as you're using Apple products

    I'll bet 100 Bux that we'll be freezing the iPhone 6s Plus in about 5 years time :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))) JUST to be able to make ONE phone call

    I'll also PAY $100 for those who can find ONE apple device that didn't have to go into the FREEZER or go through SOME major apocalypse, in order to make SOMETHING work again. :))))))) (just kidding I'll never pay anything for apple or apple-related stuff)

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