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I originally set up my child's ipod under my apple ID.  I've just created one for her and successfully made the changes in the store, in messages, etc..., but I can't make the change in icloud -- I get this message:  The maximum number of free accounts have been activated on this ipod touch.  However, this is only the second account I used...    Is there anything I can do so that her info will back up on HER OWN i-cloud?  I don't want her pictures and games on my iphone!

iPod classic, iOS 6.1.3
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    iTunes Store: Associating a device or computer to your Apple ID

    Also,Have you looked at the previous discussions listed on the right side of this page under the heading "More Like This"?

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    Yup, I did, but the selections at the right didn't show up then -- there were different selections that had shown up, and they didn't help.  :-(  Most weren't even answered.  At least one of these might help.  Thanks for suggesting that -- I wouldn't even have looked again. 


    I did make a not very satisfactory fix:  I ended up just letting her keep my account, and I created an icloud account on my phone using the email address I had created for her for that purpose. 


    But from the suggestion and link on the right, it looks like I should NOW be able to -- from her ipod --  log into the icloud account that I have now created on my phone.  It should work now that the account already exists.  It seems the limit only applies to accounts you CREATE.  We'll see.


    I am assuming that I will need to delete everything from the i-cloudsbefore I sync them with their "new" devices.  I don't want things sync-ing FROM the i-clouds TO the devices -- I want things sync-ing FROM the devices TO the i-clouds.  Though maybe, unless the device I am sync-ing with is blank, icloud automatically acts as a back-ups FROM the device to i-cloud. 


    Thanks for your time to answer!


    And then so I won't risk losing anyone's information in the i-cloud, I will to use my computer as a backup -- though I suppose I really don't need to.  But better be safe.   -- Backup my info on my computer, sign her in with my present icloud id (which uses HER email address), put her device on that cloud, than sign my device in on my i-cloud id, and back my info up in for Not eager to do it soon to her email address from her phone -- once