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I've had my iPhone 5 since January and it has been syncing fine, but today I tried to sync some new music onto it, it went through the syncing process only to not put the songs on my iphone. I tried erasing all songs and starting again and now I have no songs! I restored my phone to see if that worked and still nothing. Please please please can someone help me?!


Many Thanks

A very worried person


iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.3
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    Dear smart people at Apple

    I've worked out why my songs wouldn't download, you'd moved it all to iCloud. In the process, losing over 300 songs. Now I know I had a fair amount of illegal downloads in my itunes but who gave you permission to go in there and delete them? not really on that is it? plus you've deleted songs that i'd put on from CD! what's all that about? I actually went through the effort of buying a CD (a very old fashioned way these days, you probably send songs via thought waves at head office) which i've paid for and since that time got rid of the CD thinking my songs would be safe. You don't know how cross I am.

    Queen collection - gone

    Stone Roses - gone
    U2 - gone (mostly for the best)
    S Club 7 - gone (definitely bought that)

    Come on chaps, fancy giving me my music back, that I partially paid for?

    Thanks, a ****** off iPhone and Itunes customer.


    Oh by the why whilst I'm here, i'm on my 2nd iPhone 5 as the first was faulty from the start as the 'genius' who designed it, and the moron who manufactured it forgot to put the glue on the back of the battery. Therefore instead of iPhone I bought an iRattle. Sort it out man. You used to be great, and now, well I just don't know.