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We are looking to remotely access or at least screen share ipads.  We have about 50 ipads 4th gen out in the field and if someone has a question or needs help we would like to remote into into the ipads from our desktop.  Either from a Windows 7 PC or another Ipad.  What would be the best app for this task?

iPad, iOS 6.1.2, 4th Gen
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    Check out the service GoToMeeting.


     Cheers, Tom

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    I don't know of any iDevice app which has screensharing abilities.  The sandboxing of apps on the iPad means that one app does not have any access to a display made by another App.


    Apple's tool for remote administration of iPads is the Profile Manager service that comes as part of OS X Server.  You can connect any number of iDevices to it and use it to install/remove apps, change configurations, and control what the user may or may not do with their device.  Updates are automatically downloaded over the internet the next time the iDevice is connected to it: devices do not have to be returned to headquarters and physically plugged into the server.



    As well as the above, you can use this system to remotely lock (requiring a password you create at lock time) or wipe an iPad, useful if it is lost or stolen.

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    Use Case: Share the iDevice screen with PC/Mac using USB cable. Then use webex or Microsoft Livemeeting to share your desktop and share the iDevice screen live over internet. Also have the ability to record the iDevice screen interaction in PC/Mac.


    The free solution is iTools. Its absolutely free and provides lot of tools for iDevices. Download the zip file, unzip and double click the 6mb exe file. Do update when it prompts to update to latest version. I tested with iPod touch 5th Gen, iPhone 5 and it worked like a charm. Click on Desktop, then Live Desktop.


    Download link:;1

    Search iTools in

    or from the hong kong site:

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    I'm not sure what your post has to do with the original question.  The OP wants to let a technician look at what the iDevice is showing on the display so they can understand a problem the user is reporting.


    There is no USB cable for sharing iDevice screens.


    Cisco's WebEx app is for meetings.  It doesn't let you share the iDevice screen.


    Microsoft Livemeeting does not let you share the iDevice screen.


    I see no facility on the web site for iTools that lets it share iDevice screens.

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    You can't do this yet unless you want to jailbreak your device to get access to a few "semi reliable" solutions all of which I wouldn't suggest.



    Apple has their IOS coded so that this functionality isn't available to software developers.



    Team viewer has a petition on their site





    Their software would allow you to remotely view a pc and vise versa. 


    Most of the commercial uses of sharing ur iPad screen is for personal media/movie etc streaming which apple so far limits to their "AirPlay" etc products. 

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    It isn't necessarily a support-oriented solution, but Reflector ( is an AirPlay mirroring receiver that I use for software demos and screencasts.

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    My query is a bit different than the OP but hoping you have a suggestion.  At my office I use a Dell PC running Win y Ultimate with dual 27" Dell monitors.  I'd like to use my iPad 2 as a third monitor, solely for the purpose of displaying some screen notes I use throughout the days.  Is there any way to do this?  Thanks!

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    Yes. My mom has a Kindle Fire HD in California and I have an iPad3 in NY. My mom is constantly frustrated with here Kindle. We both have Skype and yet there is no way for her or myself to share screens with each other. I would like my mom to be able to share her screen with me so I can see what she is doing and perhaps I can help her with her confusion. Has anyone come up with a solution? Thanks.

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    Crash, there is an App called AirDisplay.

    It will work from your machine, but you might have some issues depending on your internet security at the company. 

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    I'm not trying to be funny with this answer ... but if they have an iPhone you can FaceTime from your iPad to their iPhone and have them pont it at their iPad. Its not ideal but works for me and my wife when she has an issue on her iPad and I happen to be away on a business trip.

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    This is an awesome solution.  It's not an ipad app, but a desktop app.  You can see the ipad screen on your desktop, and then a webex or similar to share that view with others.  For the OP, this does not allow the administrator to control the iPad, but it could allow them to discuss with the user what the problem is, and walk them through a solution.

    Since no one has mentioned (and I have not found one either) a remote-control type app that the OP is looking for, this is the best alternative that I've found.... plus it's free.

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    What's the name of solution?

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    I'm referring to iTools, that only3u posted

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