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Disabled Java in Safari Preferences .




Heck , Disabled Javascript too .


Disabled Plugins .




Disabled Extensions .





i still get :




Macintosh HD  >  Library  >  Java  >  Extensions  >  ( unable to view , it's only viewable with a System Administrator ( ie root ) that i don't have the username and/or password for )




Macintosh HD  >  Library  >  Java  >  JavaVirtualMachines  >   ( unable to view , it's only viewable with a System Administrator ( ie root ) that i don't have the username and/or password for )



Macintosh HD  >  Library  >  Internet Plug-Ins  >  JavaAppletPlugin.plugin




I have downloaded and updated OS X 10.8.3 Combo .



Java isn't listed anywhere in Systems Preferences .  But if i click on the .jar 's and other Java .app 's , i can get the consoles to launch .  I haven't tested if i can work it .  I don't want to .  I don't want it .  I didn't download it .  I didn't launch the .app either . 


Apple logo  >  System Preferences...  >  ( No Java icon ) .




In Safari , it doesn't matter if i config the Preferences a hundred times .  Safari after 5 to 10 seconds will load up the Reader in Blue highlight at the top right , which means some type of Adobe Reader is running in the background , which i haven't downloaded and installed and launched , also if i click it , it copies the webpage to a pdf look a like , which is pointless , and then i go back to the Internet Plug-ins and the Extensions in the Safari Preferences and it switches back in front of my eyes to what i set the configuration for .  Like a real-time config edit on the fly .  What is happening ? 




As i write this Discussion Question , i am constantly being jumped around to write , as if ( if you have ever tested or used remote login and remote access ) there's a slight delay between you computer entry , and the result of the computer entry on the computer you're logged in to and remote accessing .  Strange .  Weird  .  Whatever you wanna call it  .  I got it  .  Very odd computer device behaviour .




Terminal and Terminal sudo su : 




java -version


1.6 build

Java 6




i have already gone thru both scenarios of :


Downloading the Apple Approved Java 2013-002 scenario .  Downloading , installing , launching , and then ultimately once i got it , Disabling it .  It shows up in System Preferences Other with the Java icon .  Also i have downloaded and installed the Java 7 latest Apple Approved Java , and Disabled it .




Java still persists .




And then if i Delete the Java .app 's and plugin 's , etc , etc , etc , what happens is ultimately i get the infamous Apple Windmill for about 5 seconds , and then asks , you are attempting to make changes , so Enter in your Administrator username and password , and i do , and the System Administrator ( ie root ) user that has this access , i do not know , so i am essentially stuck with a OS X with missing Software that can't be unistalled / reinstalled / repaired , and then i must Clean Install OS X in Recovery since it's inoperable .

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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Disabled Java in Safari Preferences


That's all you need to do.