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I have NEVER been able to reliably or consistently have iCloud sync calendar events between my iPhone5, iCloud and MacBook Pro (all running latest software). Occassionally if I enter an event on the phone it'll show up on the iCloud account (and vice versa), but certainly not always, or even most of the time. Events entered on the Mac virtually never sync to anywhere else. [Contacts, no problem.] I tried reinstaling Mntn Lion and for about five minutes several test events from each of the three sources (phone, iCloud and pwrbk) did show up in the other places but then it reverted to the inconsistent, useless behavior as before.


Now I can't even create events on the web: when I try I get a message: "This event couldn't be created because of a server error; please try again." This happens regardless of browser (Chrome, Safari or Firefox). Tried creating a new iCloud acct but no work.


Is anyone able to help: would appreciate (love, love, love) a step by step walk through the necessary steps on each device to make thi happen. Without this functionality I have to always carry around the Pwrbk to have my calendar available, missig out on one of the major functionalities offered by these devices.


Many, many thanks and a golden star to anyone who can help ne through this.


Thanks, Aloha,

Ali B.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3), iPhone iOS 6.1.3
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    A step by step is not going to happen here - consider contacting apple support.

    I ll give you the troubleshooting outline.

    First you want to see if events are uploaded to cloud. From each device separately. Since you have problem to login to the cloud, before you get to first  step you need to fix connection problem. Most of the time server error happens because of computer/network firewall or incorrect login.

    Fix possibility of incorrect login - by resetting password and verify that firewall on your network allows secure connection to the cloud. Mostly it is port 443, but that article may come in handy.



    P.S. Golden star offer is always appreciated.

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    I have exactly the same problem.  I am now running Mavericks OS X and tried all sorts of things including turning the Calendar toggle button on and off in both my Mac and my iPhone 5.

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    Hi, Woody - what did solve this problem for me - totally and completely - was taking "fromsouthʻs" advice and spending about one hour on the phone with a very savvy, competent lady at apple support. I honestly donʻt remember all the steps she took me through but she accessed my computer and methodically went through a bunch of steps that culminated in a complete resolution of all my syncing issues, from that date through today. As I recall the basic problem was not having the calendar events placed into the "iCloud" calendar (appearing on the left side of the Calendar window on my Mac.) Sorry, itʻs so long ago now & since itʻs completely resolved I really havenʻt given it any thought since then.


    So, final recommendation - set aside some time & contact Apple support; they know how to help you fix this very solvable problem.


    Aloha, Ali B.

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    Thanks so much Ali.  The problem is there is no Apple support in my country.  And I did place all my calendars into the "iCloud" calendar section.

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    Are your events uploaded to the cloud?

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    I used to have 2 calendars on my Mac before using iCloud (Home and Work) and I backed them up by exporting to .ics files.  I had so much headache with the iCloud syncing that decided to create a new Apple ID and to start everything new. 


    I first imported the Home and Work ICS files into my Mac and then I created a new "Family" calendar for my family's activities.  Only the new Family calendar gets synced by iCloud.  The Home and Work calendar would not get synced.  I tried entering my calendar item from Mac and from my iPhone.  Only the new Family calendar gets synced.  So weird.


    And when I tried entering something from iCloud.com, I get the same "This event couldn't be created because of a server error; please try again." message.


    Any advice would be much appreciated!

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    Something interesting just came up.  I noticed an explamation icon next to the word iCloud on the top left side on my Mac's Calendar app.  When I clicked on the icon, I see this message.  "The server responded with an error. The event "xxxxxx [one of my old events]" was rejected by "iCloud" because the quota has been exceeded."


    I went to System Preferences, iCloud and I still have 4.09 GB available storage on iCloud.

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    Thank you!!!  The 25,000 limit IS the culprit!!  I deleted something to make sure my events became significantly less and everything synced as it should be.


    Before Mavericks forced us to sync via iCloud I had no problem keeping as many events as far back as many years as I wanted.  But now with this limit, I guess there is no way but to keep it under 25,000.


    Thank you again!  You are so nice!

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    YES! - I remember that this 25,000 events issue was the problem - and it was absurd, ʻcause I knew that while I have lots of appointments, there was no way I had >25,000. So I looked back through my calendars & indeed there were literally thousands of bogus, repeat events - even going back to, for example 1977 (!!! - long before iCalendar or even PCs existed!) there were days where bogus events were entered, sometimes >100 repeat bogus events per day. I ended up having to discard all these bogus events, wiping my calendars completely for prior to April 2013 and, once the iCloud was empty of all this junk, everythings was freed up and syncing now occurs without problem.

    Aloha, Ali B.

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    I have the same "limit exceeded" problem due to iCal having created (well I didn't do it) thousands of repeat birthdays. It takes hours to sort this out and one might have hoped, given that iCal has been around since Lisa days, Apple might have sorted out the synching and repetition of events by now.