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Today I was on my MacBook Pro (bought July 2011) and it went to a blank blue screen. I powered it off and tried to restart it. It loaded the apple and spinning circle but it went to a grey screen and froze there. I've read and tried a lot of different things already but nothing has worked. I did the hardware test and it found no problems. I tried to safeboot it.  I tried everything on here: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS2570 except the last suggestion (I'd rather not have to lose all my files unless absolutely nesseccary). I also tried the "hold Command + R keys" to try and get to utilities. Anything else out there that I could try? Not sure what the exact operating system is either.

MacBook Pro (15-inch Early 2011)
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    Really sounds like the hard drive has failed and if that is the case then all your files are gone already.


    If you could not boot to the Recovery HD partition then the physical drive is really screwed up or DEAD.


    Since your Mac is from July it more ten likely came with Snow Leopard Pre-Installed. Get out your original system discs and boot from the OS X discs and un Disk Utility. If it see the internal drive then try a Verify and Repair disk. If you don't see the internal drive listed in Disk Utility then the drive is TOAST. Hopefully you have a time machine backup as you willl need to replace the hard drive.

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    So does this mean my macbook is no good anymore or is there a way to fix it at all? If my physical drive was really messed up, wouldn't that show in the hardware test?

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    if it's a dead hard drive - you can replace that yourself - expect to spend $75 - $150 depending on the size you want to install.


    or you can take it Apple and have them replace the hard drive for you - expect to spend $150 - $300 if you have apple do it for you.

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    As Bimmer posted you need to Replace the hard drive. You can do that yourself or have Apple or any other computer repair place do it.

    Once that is done and  OS X is reinstalled on the new drive th system will work again.

    xela510 wrote:


    So does this mean my macbook is no good anymore or is there a way to fix it at all? If my physical drive was really messed up, wouldn't that show in the hardware test?

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    I wouldn't assume that's the hard drive. The fact that the screen turned blue all of a sudden isn't necessarily an indication of a hard drive failure. Check out this post I made yesterday:




    My personal opinion would be to try and boot from an external hard drive with the appropriate OS installed. With a 2011 model, I would assume that should be Snow Leopard or later. AHT doesn't catch everything, and I don't know if it even does drive scans for bad blocks. I do know for a fact that it pretty much limits itself to digital interfaces and can't go beyond analog driver stages. For example, if the driver stages of a FireWire port or ethernet port are blown, AHT will report them as being OK.


    If you got hit by a transient, which could indicate an internal supply problem or a line problem if you were connected to the internet via a wired connection or you were running off the charger, there's no telling what it might have caused the drive to do (if it's the drive) and it could easily cause the screen to suddenly go to blue, but what other damage was done?


    My point is that you need to confirm what the source of the problems are. If there's a logic board problem, your drive and data may be OK. If the drive is bad, some of it may still be recoverable. The problem may very well be drive related, but I wouldn't go out and start throwing money at new parts without first confirming what the cause of the problems is.


    Hope this helped, and good luck.