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Why does our laptop not print wirelessly anymore (it used to) and why does the printer show 'paper jam' when there isn't one? All help topics too complicated and technical for us oldies!!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Is the problem only with printing from the MacBook Pro or does it happen with any device? What is the make & model of your printer and the wireless router that you are using?

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    It's taken me half an hour to work out how to reply to this--that's how easy I find the Mac and this 'support'! I don't use any other device , so can't say. The printer is an EpsonSX535WD, which was set up for us by the local Apple shop as we couldn't manage that either! The router, if I have the correct piece of equipment, is a BT hub 2.0.

    How is anyone supposed to know how to work anything without some sort of instruction book?



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    Your Epson SX535WD has built-in wireless so I am assuming that you have it configured to join the wireless network provided by your BT HomeHub router and is not connected to the MacBook Pro by USB ... correct?


    Regardless, please verify that your printer is still listed. You can do this on your MBP by going to System Preferences > Print & Scan. Your Epson should be listed and be the correct model. Is it?

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    Yes--printer is listed and we're trying to use it wirelessly, as we always have. Even if we connect with a lead it isn't always printing. It seems that it will print some things but not others.We haven't a clue!

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    If you're still having printing issues when the MBP is connected directly, then the issue isn't wireless but possibly with the printer or the printer driver installed on the MBP.


    I would suggest that you try either reinstalling the printer driver from the original installation CD that came with the printer or download the very latest version directly from Epson.

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    MBP--hmm, now what would that be?? Eventually called in a computer expert--we hope it's fixed!


    Thanks for you help--sorry we're just too inexperienced to follow.