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We all know that Apple Maps has lots of flaws. Its worst, however, is in West Virginia, United States, where almost every single road has an incorrect or nonsensical label, and every business is in the wrong place. Ever since Apple Maps was first launched, I have submitted hundreds of problem reports, but NONE of them have been fixed!! It is almost like Apple is ignoring me. I would like to know why.

iPhone 4, iOS 6.1.2, Same problem has occurred since 6.0
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    Apple passes the reports on to the mapping data provider. It's up to them to fix it. It takes time. Multiple reports are required and the issue must be researched before the corrections are made. Be patient.

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    So, I have to report the same problem several times for it to get noticed? That's stupid. Why does Apple have to make it so hard to contact them?!?! This is a really serious problem - it is almost impossible to navigate anywhere in West Virginia right now! I am being commissioned by Morgan County to fix GPS data there, so this difficult reporting system is really frustrating for me.

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    Same thing but different here in Montana. I tap on my address in Contacts and am taken to someplace about 200 miles away on the map. The street there is not even the same name as my street. I tried tapping a location and dropping a pin to use for my location and using that as my Home. Apple Maps comes up with an address for the dropped pin but when I tap that address in Contacts I shown a location about 5 miles away instead of where I live. Because of these map problems I cannot use Siri to provide location based services related to my Home.


    I have reported the problem but so far there has been no fix.

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    The problem that I have is different though. Never mind trying to find an address; all of the roads are wrong! For example, in Morgan County, there is a road that is labeled as "Blue" (its real name is Blue Brook Rd). Another road nearby is labeled as "Blue Roack" (yes, I am not kidding when I say that these labels are nonsensical - it's real name is Big Oak Tree Rd).

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    You aren't alone. I've reported rather obvious problems (Streets with wrong names) several times and have seen no corrections. This has been going on for months.

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    Apple Maps isn't the only map that has this issue: Navteq does too. In fact, ALL online maps used to have it. Last year, Google released an online application (Google Map Maker) which allows you to directly make corrections to the map, so I have fixed it, and now it is okay. In fact, I sometimes tell Apple to cheat off of Google Maps!


    However, Apple Maps and Navteq have in common that they make it really hard to suggest corrections, and when you do, it literally takes FOREVER for them to review it.