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How do you get a 2nd generations Ipod Shuffle compatible with Windows 8? (it works on just fine in earlier versions)

If you plug it in through a USB connection it blinks orange/green really really fast. It is not recognized neither by Itunes or Windows (PC), Not recognized nor taking any charge.

I first thought it just came to the end of its life, but then plugging it in with my old laptom (Windows XP) and another laptop (Widows Vista) it worked just fine.


I have the newest version of all my software, so this has to be a driver compatibility issue, the question has Apple solved it yet?

iPod shuffle, Windows 8
  • Kenichi Watanabe Level 7 (32,884 points)

    I have the newest version of all my software

    Does that mean you installed the latest version of iTunes, which you downloaded from here?


  • trkinmontana Level 1 (0 points)

    yes Itunes is included in "ALL" - I have the newest version

  • Kenichi Watanabe Level 7 (32,884 points)

    Are you using Windows 8 now, because that is a new computer that was previously never connected to this shuffle?  Or is the computer the same as before (previously connected to that shuffle), upgraded now to Windows 8?


    When you connect your 2nd gen shuffle to the Windows 8 PC, are you using the USB cable that came with it (that has a mini-dock on the iPod end)?

  • trkinmontana Level 1 (0 points)

    It is a new computer with Windows 8 that the Shuffle was not connected to before.

    (Not an old one updated to Windows 8).

    I am using a factory (Apple) supplied USB cable with the mini docking. Pretty much the only way I know of, to connect an Ipod Shuffle to a computer.

  • Kenichi Watanabe Level 7 (32,884 points)

    I asked about the USB docking cable because some folks who also have a 3rd or 4th gen shuffle were trying to use the cable from those shuffles with a 2nd gen shuffle.  Or they bought a replacement part that is for the 3rd or 4th gen shuffle.  It fits, but the connector is different, so it does not work.


    You have determined that the shuffle and its cable work properly when connected to a different computer.  Since the Windows 8 computer is a new computer that was not used with this shuffle before, the cause could be related to the computer's hardware or software.


    As a test, if you have another device that is similar to an iPod, such as a USB flash drive or a mini external hard drive that is powered by the USB port (not something low-power like a mouse or keyboard), connect it to the computer's USB port to confirm the port does generally work for other things.


    If the USB port is confirmed to work for other devices, if you have a USB hub, as another test, connect the hub to the USB port.  Perferably, the hub is the type that is self-powered (has its own power supply).  Connect the shuffle to the hub to see if that makes any difference if the hub is between the iPod and the computer.

  • trkinmontana Level 1 (0 points)

    What you're saying make sense, but I have already tried those things. I asked my question on this forum because I came to a dead end with things that can be obvious solutions.

    I also have an Ipod classic that works just fine with the new computer USB ports. As well as many other things with USB connecions.

    I am pretty sure this not a hardware issue. I waned to see if anyone else has the same issue as I do, with an older Ipod on a brand new computer.

    I have had this Ipod Shuffle for 6 years now. It has worked problem free on many different computers, and at least 2-3 different oprating systems.

    In Windows 8, it simly is not recognized, neither for control or charge.

    If I put it back on my old computer it's just fine.

  • Kenichi Watanabe Level 7 (32,884 points)

    Well, my mind-reading powers are not working this weekend, so I can't know something that you don't state...   And I don't know what is "obvious" to you...  Plus I've got to ask about the most common things first, even if it's "obvious."  You should provide ALL relevant information, if you don't want me to suggest things you already tried.


    I don't specifically recall topic posts here regardling the 2nd gen shuffle used with Windows 8 on a brand new PC.  There may be some incompatibility between the 2nd gen shuffle and USB 3.0 ports (assuming your new PC has USB 3.0 ports), although I don't recall any post like that either.  But that is probably one key difference between your new PC and your old PC, USB 2.0 versus 3.0.  That is why I suggested (if you have one) trying to put a self-powered USB hub between the iPod and computer, as a test (and a workaround if it works).  If the hub is USB 2.0, maybe that will "isolate" the shuffle from whatever is causing the problem with USB 3.0.  And it would point to the cause.

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    I am having the same problem:  2nd gen ipod shuffle not working with latest version of itunes (11.?, see date of reply I downloaded yesterday) and Windows 8 on a new laptop I picked up.


    In itunes, you can see the list of songs on the 2nd gen ipod however they won't play. (I also have a 4th gen ipod shuffle and I don't have any problems with it).


    itunes recognizes the 2nd gen ipod when connected with its original docking station/usb connector.  It does not recognize the 2nd gen ipod when connected with the 4th gen ipod usb connector.


    Was a solution ever found for this???

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    Same here, and I've already tried all of the things listed above.  I'd like a solution too.

  • Kenichi Watanabe Level 7 (32,884 points)

    FYI - The connector is different between the 4th gen shuffle and the older 2nd gen shuffle.  So the USB cable that comes with the 4th gen shuffle does not work with the 2nd gen shuffle.

  • Kenichi Watanabe Level 7 (32,884 points)

    Can you provide more info?  Is your shuffle also 2nd gen?  If so, are you using the original cable that came with it, with the mini-dock at the shuffle end?


    Are you using Windows 8 also?  Did it work before, and does not work now for some reason?  Or is this the first time you are trying to use your shuffle with this computer?

  • 23skiddoo321 Level 1 (0 points)

    Duh!!!  Yes, it is a 2nd gen shuffle, which is why I chimed in on this string.  I was having the exact same problem the others were having.  Sorry, but it appears you are not reading what people are saying in the posts.  The two people above have told you they've tried all of these things and it doesn't work.  I had no problem understanding what both of them were saying.  Nice try, but that’s not the problem  I never said anything about the connectors.  I’m not dumb enough to use the shuffle gen 4 connector with the shuffle gen 2 ipod.  It won’t even fit if I tried.  The problem in the discussion above is the gen 2 ipod doesn’t want to work with Windows 8.  A scan error comes up and there is no way to scan and get it to work.    However, I tried one more time, and the last time I still got the error but this time Windows 8 finally recognized the gen 2 shuffle and it finally synced.  During the previous attempts, everything in iTunes was greyed out and I couldn't sync.  Yes, iTunes was up to date.  Yes, shuffle 2 was up to date.  Yes, I used the original connector.  I managed to solve the problem myself.  I'm hoping the other two people are able to fix their problem.

  • Kenichi Watanabe Level 7 (32,884 points)

    Sorry...  I guess my mind-reading superpower was not working yesterday. 

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    Hi! Sorry to bother you with this but i'm currently having the same problem you had with your Ipod Shuffle 2nd Generation. It's not being recognized by either the computer (windows 8) or by the latest version Itunes.

    Can you please help me out? Did you fix your problem? How can i do it?

    Thank you.

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