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I purchased a new iPhone 5 yesterday and would love your help figuring out how to use it with a somewhat "mature" Bluetooth headset (specifically a Plantronics Explorer 240).  The headset pairs immediately with my iPhone and works perfectly... until I turn the headset off.  When I turn the headset back on again, my iPhone remembers the pairing record, but won't reconnect. If I touch the pairing record it says "Make sure "2XXPlantronics" is turned on and in range" (which it is).


Here's some background:

I actually discovered this just before I left the store yesterday, so the salesperson had me try my headset with the demo iPhone.  It paired and reconnected to the demo model perfectly, which indicated the headset probably isn't the issue.  He reset my new phone, we tested the same steps and this time it reconnected to the headset. 

After congratulating ourselves for catching and "fixing" the problem, he took my new iPhone into the back, re-transferred my contacts from my old Android phone, and I left with my shiny new iPhone. On the drive home, I put on my headset, powered it on, and - you guessed it - could not connect to the phone. 

Since then I've tried deleting /re-pairing and rebooting the phone numerous times, but no luck.


I know Apple's support page says iPhones 4+ support HFP 1.6, and my headset has HFP 1.6.  But I'm fairly confident that most 4 and 4S phones handle HFP 1.5, and they dont appear to have made any Bluetooth changes with the 5 (4, 4S, and 5 are all lumped together in the compatibility chart.)  Plus the 2012 Bluetooth Design Guide for accessory developers says they require conformity with version 1.5 for hands-free devices (https://developer.apple.com/hardwaredrivers/BluetoothDesignGuidelines.pdf)... I'm far from a Bluetooth expert, but this certainly sounds like 1.5 should be okay - right?


Could something with the Bluetooth have been messed up when the salesguy transferred my contacts transferred from my old phone?


If this is just a hardare failure/ defective phone, I definitely can and will exchange it for a new one.  I'd just hate to go through that hassel if it's a setting I can change or if Apple truly did discontinue compatibility for HFP 1.5. 


So what do you wise folks think?  Any ideas for me?


Many thanks in advance.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.3
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    I've had exactly the same issue with that exact headset (plantronics Explorer 240). It started happening after an update to one of the IOS6 versions. I used to have an iPhone 4S first when the issue started. Then moved to a 5, and currently own a 5S. I also have a 4S. All have always run on the most recent IOS.

    With current IOS8.1, I still have the same issue, so it is not hardware-related, but seems to be some change in IOS (happens with both, the 4S and 5S I currently own).

    I also have an older GSM phone, and if I have bluetooth enabled, it pairs flawlessly and instantaneously as soon as both come into range, so this means it's not the headset either.


    The only way to get it to work with the iphones, is either:

    1. Never turning off the headset, and reconnect just by pressing the headset's main button whenever i wish to use it. The risk of course is running out of power.

    2. Or deleting the headset from the iPhone's BT devices list, press and hold the headset's main button to enter pairing mode, and select it on the phone as soon as it shows up. No pairing code is required for this case, but it is annoying going through the process every time.


    Let everyone know if you come across another solution.