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Does anyone have any idea as to what aspect ratio a 1024 X 768 slide in Keynote is? I have a projector that the aspect ratio can be changed. My issue is that I don't know what size screen I need for the projector? They are available in 16:9, 1:1, and 4:1 aspect ratios. My presentation has been created in a 1024 X 768 slide size. I realize I can change that but would rather not as the 1024 X 768 slide size seems to be the best to have the type clean and visible.

Thanks in advance if you know.

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    1024 x 768 pixels has a 4:3 aspect ratio and is the graphics display standard called  XGA (extended graphics array)


    To get the best  from image from a projector, find the native display size in pixels and set the Keynote document size to the same setting in the inspector.

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    Thak you Gary. Question, if I use the 16:9 ratio of the projector, what would I have to change the slide size to?  Which ratio do you feel is the best to use? The presentation is all type in Verdana 24 and 36 fonts.

    Thanks again

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    Also, what do you feel is the best to use so that the presentation is easy to read from a distance?

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    rodgerb4 wrote:


    Also, what do you feel is the best to use so that the presentation is easy to read from a distance?

    The general rule is to create the slide size in Keynote to match the native pixel dimension of the projector you will be using, you will get that from the projectors user manual or Google the make and model of the projector.


    I cant guess what the spec might be of the particular projector. If you have difficulties, post back the make and model and I will get the spec for you.

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    Gary, the projector will do most any aspect ratio, it is a canon WX 6000. I need to buy a screen. I am looking at B&H Photo and they offer  DA-Lite screens in 1:1, 4:3, and 16:9. In Keynote when I change the resolution the font size changes, and I had to go back through all of the slides and change each font size on each slide to get it back to something easy to read, on the Laptop that is. The other thing that happend is that the position of the words changed along with the font size naturally and I had to rearrange some of the wording to get it back to normal.

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    The is to design the layout and document size for the end product, rather than create a project that will need changing which is very time consuming.


    As to projector screen size,  specify a screen dimension compatible with the projector format ratio. If you have a 16:10 projector use a 16:10 screen. A Square format screen is obviously a poor choice for a rectangular projector. The reseller you purchase from can calculate the best screen size for a particular projector model.

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    You also need to know the lens zoom factor and the position of your projector. This will determine the size of the screen. The aspect ratio of the screen should be the same as the aspect ratio of the projector: Projecto 16:9 - Screen 16:9.

    In terms of font size that is easy to read, that largely depends on the distance between the viewer and the screen. Rule of thumb is that the closest person shuold be 0.7 x the height of the screen (9' high screen = 6.3' to the front row of seating) and the furthest should be no more than 7 x the height of the screen (9' high screen = 63' to the last row of seating). This also depends on the content shown. So for slides with fine details (lot of small text, busy slides) maximum distance should be no more then 4 x height of the screen. 6 x for spreadhseet and up to 8 times for video and images.


    Hope this helps.