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So im concerned about an unkown user that i have been seeing on my "shared" network. The name shows up as hpa0b3ccf2fcde and the kind is a PC and the icon shows an older looking monitor screen with a blue screen on it and text that i cannot make out. It almost looks like an error screen for when a PC computer crashes. Anyways, I was wondering if this user is a hacker. The only people that are on my network all have Mac's so i have no clue who this user is. I was wondering if there was a way to remove this user from my shared network.


I've also seen this user pop up when I'm on other people's networks, so im pretty sure that this user is following my computer. Also when i look at the user it shows a folder marked as memory card and when i try to drag it over to the trash it wont let me. I noticed that my firewall was not up, so I turned it on, but the user is still there. I am the only one to access my file sharing and plus the user doesnt show up in there either.


I download alot of music and watch movies/shows through streaming websites. i havent noticed my computer slowing down or any significant changes in my computer. Should I be concerned? and if so, what can i do to remove this user? Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 1.06.19 PM.png Here's a screenshot of the user

MacBook Pro
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    Do you have an HP camera, Phone, or Printer attached or connected to your Router?


    In Finder, do a Get Info on memory card, what Location does it say it is?


    Double click on memory card, any contents there?

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    I have a wireless HP printer that i am connected too.


    It gives me no info, all it gives me is "Kind: Sharepoint

                                                           Created: --


    When I double click it, it says: "The operation can’t be completed because the original item for “MEMORY_CARD” can’t be found."



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    Does the Printer have a Memory card slot? Can you out a card in it to test?

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    This is your wireless HP printer, in fact the numbers after "hp" is the WiFi MAC address of the printer.   Now don't ask me why it shows up as a user with a PC icon, or why it thinks this in fact is a memory stick...

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    I too have an HP printer/fax wireless connected to my Imac, but the Mac address matches the numbers so that is what I am assuming it is.  Too bad it doens't look like a printer to avoid the confusion.  I don't have a memory card with mine.