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Any tips for a Macbook pro that just crashed out of the blue? Had to boot using (Command + R); verified the Disk, it needed to be repaired, but Disk Utility failed to repair it. Tried rebooting using (Shift + S) Safe Mode, attempted to perform my very first Time Machine backup using an external HD while in Safe Mode. After an entire night the backup failed, and I think it only got about 30GB out of 300+. I tried to manual copy important files to the EHD but it wouldn't work, it just kept displaying "Preparing to Copy". I attempted the "fsck -fy" repair, but that also failed to repair the Disk. After 4  repeated attempts using the fsck method I gave up. I am able to reboot normally now, but everything either displays an error message or gets stuck processing (ie "network connection timeout", "Preparing to copy", "Keychain lost" and so on).So right now I'm stuck. I have no backup or copies of any of my files. Any ideas on how I can save my files, preferences, settings, bookmarks and what not? Before formatting the Disk and reinstalling the OS, cause it keeps saying that's the only solution.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)