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I have been searching the discussions here and in other places trying to find a way to update the firmware that my DVR-112D uses...eventhough I am running Lion.


The actual Firmware that my original drive has is BC-14 / MMC-3 and I have read that there are ways to update the drive....but I wonder if anyone here can help me to solve this issue...



Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
  • David White1 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    There is an application called dvrflash that will update the firmware on pioneer drives.  There is a Mac version.  Google should locate it for you

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    Well David White1, first of all thanks for replying.


    I have done quite a few research on this matter, google it, even found the corresponding firmware from pioneer, and learned in the process that I would have to do it via terminal, which somehow *****, if you ask me.


    I just don't understand why companies have to make things so hard for us mac users. They should be ashamed, though the truth is that they don't care.


    Thanks anyway

  • mooblie Level 4 Level 4 (1,925 points)

    Probably the easiest/safest way to update it, is to connect the drive to a Windows PC - either mounting it internally, or attaching it externally in a USB case (all temporarily, of course).

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    Hello mooblie....thanks for your kind answer but the fact of the matter is that doing it using a pc is a no go for me. I don't have one, and even more, doing the procedure in a pc requires first to get the driver out of the mac and then with the internal drive (which is without an external enclosure) somehow open, trying to connect it to the pc....it is both risky and it's a lot of work.


    Wile searching for answers that could be implemented for the Mac, well, I even found the recipe as to hows athis can be achieved via Terminal. So as you can see, que purpose of posting this topic here has been hoping that maybe within mac there was another way of accomplishing the task without soo much strugle.