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Hi, I've had a problem with my sturdy and usually trusty Macbook.

As a result of said problem I had to re-install Leopard onto it. No problem at all thats done and it's stable, so I updated the OS to Snow Leopard which again had been done before and again it's stable.

So here is the next step I need help with. I know there is an old Systems folder on this fricken thing somewhere hogging almost 100gb of Hard disk space and I need to get rid.

I've trawled forums, I've trawled the web, I've trawled the macbook but cannot find the folder to delete it.

Can someone p-alease help me out. The sooner the better as I need to get Office and Lightroom re-installed on it too and all of the software updates but I can't as I only have at present 2GB of free space!!

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.3)