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I have a 3GS iphone. It was jailbroken and working alright.But I was not able to upgrade its IOS frrom 4.0.1 to higher versions and many applicatopns were not compatible with this version of the IOS. So I decided to do a factory unlocking. From an website, based in Mumbai, I unlocked it. When I check now in different websites from my IMEI number, my iphone is unlocked. So I became happy that I can now upgrade my iphone. But the events turned to be different.When I connected to iTunes, iTunes stopped working and my iphone did not appear in the iTunes. I uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes after cleaning previous registry of all relatedd components like Quicktime, Bejour,Apple software updates and mobile softwares. I also used msconfig to troubleshoot conflicts in software of Windows 7 ultimate but still my iTunes is not working, when I connect the iphone. If I do not connect the iphone, iTunes is working alright. Can any friend give me some advice how to proceed. I do not like comments like Jailbreaking is illegal and should not have been done. Please advice me what should I do right now. Thanking you all and expecting some valuable suggestions from this expert community.

iPhone 3GS, iOS 4.1, Jailbroken and unlocked.