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I have 2 routers, one an airport, and the other a dd-wrt setup linksys. The airport is our main router, the linksys is upstairs connected to a dvd player connecting wirelessly to our airport, while making another wifi signal for my brother to stay away from alot of YTP and other stuff that he shouldnt be watching.


When I connect his iPod Touch 4G to our main just to get the Shared iTunes to pop up, I switch his wireless back to the one upstiars, went back to video, and still beable to connect to the videos and stream from my computer still connected to the Airport. Is there anyway to connect to iTunes or change somthing in the dd-wrt settings to connect to the share itunes from the first router?




Wish Safari had more restrictions to block stuff,  wish IOS7 would improve Safari a whole lot better of where its at now. Other than the extra apps to block sexual, achohol, etc, crapness that wouldnt block specifics stuff thats not anyone of those like dragonballz and the added stuff to sound like ytp but doesnt have ytp name in it.






(hate the fact once submitted, support says we come back soon and what you had to that point you cant recover and remember half or alittle of what you were adding.)

AirPort Extreme 802.11n (5th Gen), Windows 7