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Ok, so yesterday, Friday April 12, I got an iPhone 5 with T-Mobile. From my knowledge I have a data plan that follows:


- 4.5GB of High speed data

- Then unlimited after I use up my High speed data


So it has been one day (and i dont think i'm a hige data user) and i've used 536.1 MB. This is alot because if I continue to go at this rate I'll have less than 9 days out of the month to use high speed data.


I did some research and it looks like that the average person uses only like 1 or two 2 GB in a month. How can i already have half a gig in less than a day? What is using up all my data? I've downloaded SOME SMALL apps. Watched a few youtube vids. And surfed the web.


So from what I know this "high speed" data means 4G. so when I use up my 4.5 GB What happens? To I go to 3G? EDGE? 2G? What happens? And if I do get away from 4g, what happens to my voice and text? if im not on 4g does my voice and text 'quality' lessen?  Is there any way I can check why im using up so much data?




Heres some things I copied ans pated from my-t-mobile.com:



500 Value Add a Line

4.5GB Data SMHS Value


Data: 536.1 MB / Unlimited on our network       (up to 4.5 GB high-speed data)

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.3
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    Do you ever use wifi? If you are using siri, browsing. Using push notification. I could eat 500mb in a day if I was downloading and streaming etc

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    and actually i did a test.



    I used facebook/google (webbrowsing) for 10 mins. By the time i was done, it ate 4MB :O that is w/ push notifications on

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    Yeah, I would recommend that you if you can, try to get on wifi as much as possible. For myself I have 2g limit on a 6g shared plan. I hardly get over 1 gig of usage until the 25 or so of the month. Its a game you gotta learn to play. Or be lucky and get grandfathered an account from AT&T