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what does "local" mean in relationship to icloud storage

can an external hardrive backup what's on my computer before I send to cloud for storage

MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3), purchased Sept 2012
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    Local means that it is not on iCloud, instead it is on your Mac, locally.


    iCloud is not a backup system and should not be substituted for one, an external hard drive is a place to store a backup (made by Time Machine)

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    if I have a seagate external back up drive that I load almost everyday --- will my clanedar and contacts which are in icloud be backed up automatically? If not -- how do I (step by step please) get all my contacts and calendar items "back into the  local position" on my mac? Thank you for your help!

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    What backup program are you using to 'load' the Seagate, Time Machine?


    If you move the data from iCloud to Local, it will not appear anywhere except on yur Mac, that means not on your iPad or iPhone, is that what you want?

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    yes, I use time machine that came with my mac bk pro (purchased last Sept 2012) -Seagate is the 1T portable back up Plus unit --- I honestly don't know how my calendar and my contacts got into the cloud as I do not have any other "apple products" . Can I have and can I keep in both places? (if so how) "on my mac" and on "icloud"? Thansk again!

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    caninemiss wrote:


    yes, I use time machine that came with my mac bk pro (purchased last Sept 2012)

    As you are using Time Machine your Contacts and Calendars are already backed up by it (on your Seagate)