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The operation times out and I get an error code saying it can't be deleted.  The Flash player install pops up almost every 15 minutes.   I can't install an older or newer version either.  I have cleared all cache, attempted to run OnyX and was unsuccessful.  I attempted to delete Flash from library and a block read that the file can't be deleted.  I attempted clear Flash from plug ins and error code 100022 popped up saying that operation can't be completed because of an unexpected error. 


HELP is desperately needed.   The Flash Player version is 11.5.502.409.  OS version is 10.7.5.

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    Try Flash Player uninstaller from Adobe site.


    Unistall Adobe Flash Player





    Quit all applications.

    Click "Go" menu in the Finder menu bar.

    Select Computer.

    Click Macintosh HD  > Library > Internet plugins

    Right click  these two files and select "Move to Trash"




    Install Flash Player


    Quit Safari.


    Enable Plug-ins  Safari > Preferences > Security

    Web content: Enable plug-ins

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    When you have installed Flasplayer there is an uninstaller in the Utilities folder. You should use that and nothing else to uninstall Flasplayer.

    Follow Dominic's instructions and you will have the newest Flasplayer installed.

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    Hello all,

    First of all, I´ve never installed this crap. Flash has the sole purpose of littering my computer with all sorts of marketig garbage. Now it showed up out of the blue, embedding spams in my youtube videos. When I right-click the ads, it shows "About Adobe Flash Player version xxx". I click on Adobe and it takes to their website, where it detects: You have version 11,8,800,97 installed.



    - I followed Dominc´s + all above instructions step by step, all worked fine until the uninstall was concluded. I went to the Library, but could NEVER find what I was supposed to delete. I found the folder Internet plugin, the both Flash files were not there.

    - After that the the ads keep popping up in my youtbe videos.

    - Adobe website keeps giving me the message: You have version 11,8,800,97 installed.

    - I restarted the computer, all the same results: Adobe detects my installation + ads popping up on youtube.


    What happened to Apple?! It´s like Windows now infecting and hijacking computers? Please help me. If I can´t solve it here I´ll have to go to an Apple store, send it to repair.

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    Which browser do you use?

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    I´m using Google Chrome, last version, and exactly because it doesn´t requiere Adobe Flash player to play videos. Last time I used Flash (with Safari) it was a nightmare, with pop up windows forcing me to update. It´s not happening now though.


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    wait a moment, you are highjacking this thread, while we are not sure the issue of supermomish has been cleared. Your issue is not the same as the supermomish issue: start a new thread please.

    @supermomish: has your issue been solved?

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    I´m not hijacking the thread and I´m waiting for @supermomish to have her issue solved so I can solve mine. The issue is the same: Flash won´t uninstall, each one in a different way. I´ll open another thread though anyway.

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    Chrome is bundled with it's own version of Flash. You get it whether you realize it or not.


    Other browsers use the plugin in the Internet Plugins folder. That's why you need to start your own posting.

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    That´s ok, thanks. I started my post.