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My MacBook Pro won't start  up. It displays a Question Mark for a while, and you can  hear  the HDD spinning, as well as some clicks, but  nothing  happens. It started after I accepted and began a recommended upgrade  download and install. I started the upgrade install, rebooted, and walked away. An hour later, it displayed the progress bar as about 50% complete for the install. 24 hrs later, it was still at  the same status. Several hours later, still no progress, so I hit the on/off button, shutting down  the  computer. After that, it would  not restart...it gives the start-up chime, I hear the  HDD spinning, and also  hear some ominous "click click" sounds. Then a question mark pops  onto the screen, and  that's all. Any suggestions?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)