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I just installed/enacted iTunes Match and had some trouble so got help from the Apple gurus on the phone. I'm told it is all up to speed now but it seems goofy. I must be missing something. My music lives on an ext HD. Match shows some songs with a broken cloud becacause those songs, for whatever reasons, cannot be uploaded to the cloud. Some songs have a cloud with a downward arrrow showing, I'm told, the possibllity of downloading those tunes for use in, for instance, a video. Some songs have no cloud symbol. Some songs are grayed out. iTunes cannot play a song located on the ext HD if it is not mounted. The music is in the cloud because the iPad can play those songs but the computer can't. Is that the way it is supposed to work? And why would I need to download a song if it lives on the ext HD on my desk? Thanks. I'm bambozzled.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 250G, 500G, 1T Ext HDs; CS 5
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    Match scans your iTunes library and your ext hdd must be attached to your computer. However, if it is your intention to stream music from your computer, you should try creating a new blank library and then sign into the store and activate match. This will now show all music you have in match and the number of tracks should be same as shown on your ipad. All tracks will have download cloud icon.


    To add tracks or update match go back into your original library. You should add iCloud status column to your song view. This will tell you if the track has been matched, uploaded, purchased, ineligible or waiting.



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    Jimzgoldfinch: Does "stream music from your computer" equal "hear music on the computer"?

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    Yes. You would be playing music store in the cloud.