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I have rendered a project in Color 1.5 and when I send to FCP I can see that Color has only rendered the first  frame in each clip on the V1 layer (V2 & V3 have rendered fully) I have tried to google the issue and some say it is due to speed change or certain filters, but I have none of that on any of those clips.
I have tried to close and reopen the application, reconform the sequence in Color, but nothing works.
Some suggest to "bake" the clips, but I will loose my grades and have to regrade it all, which I would really hate to have to do.

The client needs this material within 24 hours, so it is quite urgent.

Any advice is welcome

Thank you

Color, Mac OS X (10.7.5), MacbookPro 2GHz Intel Core i7
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    I have even tried updating FCS so I have Color 1.5.3 but still no solution

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    tech info:
    Clips are: Apple Prores 422, 1920x1080, 25fps, Field dom: none, Square pix.

    Color Setup settings: Quicktime export Codec: Original Format, fps25, res: 1920x1080

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    A couple of options -


    1. Send each layer individually


    2. Collapse everything to one layer.


    Color is not a compositer, it is a color grader.


    Good luck,



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    Thank you so much for taking time to try and help out.
    I like to have each kamera angle in each a layer and it has never been a problem before.
    If I should go and do what you suggest, then I would also have to re-grade everything, right?
    Is there no solution where I can keep the work I have done?


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    If two layers came back from Color as you wanted, just re-send the one layer that needs work.


    The "normal" work flow is to edit in a ProRes timeline and when you finish your cut, duplicate the sequence.


    In the duplicate, collapse everything to a single track, remove all transitions, fades, slow motion, pans, zooms, etc so that all you have is a single ProRes track with full scale clips playing at the native frame rate. Send that to Color and you will never have issues.


    When you get the clips back, reconnect them to the original sequence and life is good.