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For a fresh install of Lion Server in what order should things be installed?


Certificates, DNS service, Open Directory

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    DNS, Cert, OD


    all that really matters is proper forward/reverse DNS first.

    make sure it clears sudo changeip -checkhostname

    don't use a .local, preferred to use a true fqdn


    after thats done, OD and Certs could happen in any order.

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    thank you,


    how do you know if it 'clears' , sudo changeip -checkhostname


    what I get back when I run the command is,


    Primary address     =


    Current HostName    = test.local


    The DNS hostname is not available, please repair DNS and re-run this tool.


    dirserv:success = "success"


    I assume something (DNS) is broken from that

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    thats a fail...


    I recommend you use a hostname form your own domain

         server.mydomain.com (or something like that)

    In the server app, adjust the hostname to your preference (dont use .local).

    This should setup DNS for you.


    In the System Prefs on the computer, make sure the server uses itself for DNS resolution, I usually enter:


    Re-run suo changeip -checkhostname and see if the names match (it will tell you that all is well).


    Its important that whatever name you use i resolveable to your server from all computers, so it would be typical to set each computer to use the os x server for it's dns server.

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    I think I'm getting it. so i do have a registerd domian name, through godaddy.com,  i'm using for testing.  I can setup a sub domian server.mydomain.com with a forwarding ip address back to me.


    I'm on a bit of a closed network though, (lab), when I run,  sudo changeip -checkhostname, does it need internet access to succeed?  I'm assuming that is how it validates the DNS entry

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    a closed network is fine.


    your internal DNS should point server.mydomain.com to the LAN IP of the server.

    The DNS server should automatically create the reverrse record.

    Like I said, make sure you have your System Prefs, Network Settings set to uss DNS:


    Also, in your Server App / DNS config, set your forwrding servers to your ISP.

    (stop/start DNS)


    re-run changip and it should come up clean.



    Once you het that far, you may have trouble resolving others hosts on your domain from within you lan, for example www.domain.com. You can simply replicate the entrie from godaddy into your intenral DNS so that www.domain.com points to the external IP (as it should).



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    I'll work with this an see what I come up with. Best way to learn.


    Thanks for your help

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    Just a follow up;


    Using a domain name "server.yourdomain.com" makes it easier. Along with setting your DNS to ,Running sudo changeip -checkhostname , will give you a success.


    But before doing all that if running a virtual install ensure the number of cores as 2 and ram at 4 gb. With those settings profile manger and open directory setup runs no problem.


    Thanks again.