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I edit private spreadsheets so I don't really want Numbers saving to iCloud and making the data appear on every other Apple device I use.  I just want it to save to the disk, just like every other spreadsheet on every other computer I've ever used.


I'm happy with my word processing documents being available on all devices.


Can I change the preferences somewhere so just the Numbers program saves to disk without going through the annoying attempts to save it to the iCloud every time I edit a spreadsheet? 


Is it that Apple feels all documents are the same regardless of which program is used to create them?  I don't think I'm as enamored with iCloud as Apple seems to be and I'd like more control and specific control over where my data goes. I think if I disable generic iCloud/documents it will erase a lot of other data on devices.





Numbers, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)