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We  have  a  Macpro we  purchased  for our IT  Director and it says supports  3  Displays  but  we put on  3 apple  LCD displays and they  are not  the thundebolt since   Mac pro  dont have this option. The  card  has  2  displayports and 1  DVI  so we  got an active  DVI  to Displayport adapter and  nothing works but shows up in system  pref as a display but nothing comes up.  She  went to the apple stoer  spoke to  a  rep and they told her that the  new  OS  mountain lion  does not support  3 monitors on  1  card  which  it  clearly  stated when  bought it would. We have spent over  12k on  this setup with apple and about to do another order  for over 300k but she may not want to put alot more into  apple products if this is how  they work.  She was told  to   buy 2 more video cards   from apple   which  we  are  waiting on  but  not happy to  spend  another  $400  for something that is  said  to work.

Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)