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I have several projects on my hard drive being worked on at the same time. If I change from one project to another the scratch disc stays with the last folder/disc. and my files are saved to the wrong folder. Is there a way of having the open project save to its own folder?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.4), 3.2GHz/i3/4GB/1TB/ATI5670/FCS3
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    Sorry the question should read .... If I change from one project to another the scratch stays with the last project.

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    If you have multiple projects open at the same time just set the logging bin to a bin in the project in question.
    Right (or control click) on the bin where you want the media to go and set logging bin. This will ensure the media ends up in the correct capture scratch bin. You will need to change this each time you go to a different project.


    If you are storing all of your capture scratch and render files on the same drive as your OS I would consider moving this media to a exteranl HD. Your machine will thank you and run better.

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    Under normal circumstances the scratch disk/ folder arraingement would be


    <the drive >folder you named>/ Capture Scratch/ project folder


    The "project folder" is specific to each FCP project. I can have mulltiple projects open and specific captures to each project will end up in the "capture scratch" subfolder specific to each project. The same is true for render files.


    FCP does NOT want you to mess with this setup. Trying to put your capture scratch folder in different locations for each project fights the way the program is set up and you will end up with a mess when you forget to change it for each project.



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    I'm having difficulty following your advice. I'm pretty sure it is me not explaining fully. When I change from working on one project to another the scratch disc setting will be on the last project whether that project is open or not. I then have to chage the setting for each of the scratch disc, waveform cache, thumbnail cache and autosave vault. Is there not an easier way?

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    If you set the capture scratch to the capture scratch folder vs. the specific project within the capture scratch the new footage will go into the specific project based on the name of the project and which logging bin is selected.


    If you save different versions of your project with the date or version # you will end up will that many capture scratch folders based on the name of the project.

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    Yes, as Studio X has suggested, let Final Cut Pro do all the work by designating a single drive/location for all your projects. Final Cut will then place, in that location, your project files neatly in a folder labeled with that projects name.


    If for some reason you do not want to have your material organized this way, and want for some reason to have your files stored at separate locations on a per-project basis, then you will have to get in the habit of verifying the scratch disk location, and possibly changing it, each time you start your project.


    This would be similar to getting in your car and fastening your seatbelt before driving off - it will soon become automatic to you.




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    I'm afraid this could be a PC user throwback, I've had a Mac for two and half years and I am very happy but I still want to see a picture of my hard drive a picture of the folder and all the files I am using under that heading in there.


    I've just had my Mac into the Apple shop and the genius was not happy at the way I had it set up!


    I do not know how I missed the normal set up for FCP but I am happy to use my onboard hard drive, 1tb 12gb ram and keep it under the 500gb used, to do the editing. When my editing is done I transfer everthing onto external drives.


    If there is no other way I will try and do it the normal set up.


    Thank you all three, you have all sorted my problem out, but how do I tick all three boxes?

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    The default for capture scratch/render files should be in user documents along with waveform cache, FCP archive, etc.  These can be put in any location from system settings.

    Pick a location/name a folder and and tell FC where it is.


    I would also consider making a projects folder in the same location. Keep a folder for each project that will only have the project and any GFX, picts, audio, etc.


    You can edit in FCP7 with all of your media on your boot drive just like you can edit H264 files in FCP7.

    The question is how well will it work consistently?

    Apple does not recommended editing with H264 files in FC.  There are numerous posts to support this.

    There are also numerous post that do not recommended editing in FCP7 with your media on your boot drive.

    Can you? yes

    Will it effect the performance of your machine? yes

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    Hello. I thought I had better explain what I am doing with my editing in FCP7. I make a folder on my hard drive and save everything to that folder that has anything to do with that project. I have included a screen grab.


    Some projects have been very large such as 400gb, I did have problems as I was trying to edit H264 and ProRes but I have been given great instruction from Apple Discussions.


    I then, when finished editing, save everything to an external hard drive but as that is costing in external HD I will, when funds are available, be purchasing a BluRay drive.


    I know this may be unusual but although I aquired a degree in Film Studies at LJMU most of the editing skills I have have been gained through trail and error!

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    You are free to work however you choose, but your method is not best practice, and certainly tasks your hard disk to its limit - and this would certainly impact the performance of you system. You are asking your hard disk to simultaneously do what the OS tells it to do, do what the Final Cut program tells it to do, and play the media - all at the same time.


    As Apple recommends, the best workflow is to place your project (your sequences, etc.) on one disk, and your media (your camera files, audio files, still images, graphics, render files, etc) on an external drive. From the manual:


    If you are concerned about archiving each project to include all the media and/or render files, when you complete the project you can use Media Manager to consolidate all your elements and project parts into a single location and then archive that.


    You can find more information about the Media Manager in the manual:

    http://documentation.apple.com/en/finalcutpro/usermanual/index.html#chapter=94%2 6section=2%26tasks=true



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    Your solution helped me as well, Studio X, but the discussions board does not let me tick the box.